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4b0u7 t3h 4u7h0rz0rs!!

Hey guys, I’m Brandon, and thanks for checkin’ out my blog, and even more thanks for checkin’ out this little page.

Background’s simple. I’m a Fort Worth, TX native. I attended North Crowley High School, graduated in 2001. Met my best friend David there. Ultimately his friendship and honest devotion to God was a big influence on my life, culminating on my acceptance of Jesus Christ as both my savior and owner of my life on September 15th, 1999. Graduated Baylor University in December 2005, with a B.S. in Computer Science. While there I was a very active member of Antioch Community Church. Met my other best friend there, Josh. He helped me deepen my relationship with the Lord by example, and occasionally by brute force, heh. I played in BU’s marching band for 2 years as well.

I’m a geek, I know it, and I like it that way. My specific geek interests include technology, gadgets, video games, programming, and science fiction. This particular blog entry describes pretty well why I enjoy those things, and below you can see what I call my “nerd stuff” slideshow, a graphical representation of all the things that make me a geek.

I’m quite proud of my computer. She’s a Dual core Athlon 64 4200, Asus Mobo, Dual nVidia 7600GT, 400gig HD, 1 gig Corsair DDR Ram, ABS case powerhouse with a pair of Viewsonic 19in widescreen LCD monitors, Saitek Eclipse Keyboard, and a Logitech X-230 sound system.

I play World of Warcraft pretty regularly, and if you browse through the archives around here, you can see a lot of screenshots I’ve posted. If you wanna look me up, I’m on the Mug’thol (U.S.) server, on the Horde side. Look up Dahkar, a level 70 troll mage.

I know I ask ya’ll to leave comments on the blog a lot. It’s not because I want constant affirmation, I’m just genuinely curious who’s reading this thing, and I can’t tell that unless you leave me a comment or two.

I don’t link to something on this site unless I think it’s worth your time and that you’ll like it. This blog is hardly big enough to warrant me selling advertising, after all. Give em’ a checking out.

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