Paintball Saturday

So, paintball. Man was it fun.

Seriously, can you imagine anything more manly than getting dressed in long sleeve shirts and pants in 90+ degree texas heat with a hot mask and a heavy gun, going out into areas which range from grassland-esque to heavily wooded and unloading solidified balls of paint on each other at high velocities?

Because I sure as heck can’t think of a better way for a father and his two sons to bond. WOOO!

When we got there, they split all the walk-ons (people who didn’t register in a big group) into beginners and advanced. The advanced guys are seriously hardcore players, which apparently my dad and brother fall into. Of course, Dad and Garrett DO have their own guns (Dad actually has two, I borrowed his semi-auto for the day, he used his full auto), so it’s probably a true classification. I ended up going with them, feeling for sure I was gonna be verrrry bruised when I walked out. But it wasn’t any worse than usual. We actually talked about getting the staff to do a HUGE game of all advanced (about 15-20) vs. all beginners (easily more than 50) but it never materialized.

We played a total of four games, two rounds each. After game two, I got a little underhydrated, so I sat game three out just to be safe. I was already getting shot at, didn’t need to add puking to my day. Let’s recount how they all ended.

Game 1, round 1: Ended for me when I took a paintball to my right shoulder. I assumed it broke, but when I walked off the field, I noticed that it actually hadn’t, so I could have stayed in. Ah well. Got a nice bruise from that one.
Game 1, round 2: Side switch up. This one ended for me when I took a shot on my left wrist. The gloves I was wearing took most of the brunt, but the ball did break, so I had to get out. No bruise, barely felt that one.
Game 2, round 1: We moved to a different field, and where I found myself positioned, I was having trouble keeping my balance, so I wasn’t prepared and wasn’t keeping an eye on my surroundings. I took two shots, one on the top of my head, and one on the upper right thigh….reaaaaaally close to…well, I’m sure you can guess. Still have a knot on my head, but the thigh shot actually didn’t bruise. It didn’t even really hurt after a second, I think it was mostly the shock of how close it came to my groin.
Game 2, round 2: I did really well this round. We all swapped guns for this round. I took Garrett’s semi (which was really accurate and easier to hold in my opinion), Garrett took Dad’s auto, and Dad used the semi that I was using (I was having some trouble with that one, it wasn’t firing well). Managed to take one guy out with a range shot. Ended when I got a shot on my left arm, just right below where it connects with the shoulder, and another on the left side of my chest. Both bruised.
Game 3: I sat out and talked to one of the other guys we were playing with. Kid was a bit of a pyro.
Game 4, round 1: I did fairly well this game too. I couldn’t tell if I directly eliminated anyone, but I kept supressing fire going high, so my team could move up and make the killshots.. Took a shot on the gun this round, in the hopper (the chamber that stores the paint balls). I was actually using my brother’s gun for this game, because he sat it out. He was exhausted after game three, so he stood buy and took photos of me and Dad. Once he gets them scanned, I’ll get him to email them to me and put them on my blog(s).
Game 4, round 2: I would have done good this game as well, but unfortunately, Garrett’s gun ran out of CO2, so I had to take myself out midgame. Crappy way to end the day, but it happens.

Well, that was my paintball day. After that we went back to Dad’s, had some hamburgers and watched a Blue Collar Comedy special on the Comedy Channel. Man those are great.

Happy 23rd birthday goes out to the man himself, David Butler. Hope you’re enjoying it!

Later everyone!

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