Today in between working (and yes I do actually work around here, it’s just there’s occasionally a lull of time when you’re waiting for several people to get back to you and can’t really do anything until that happens), I went back through David Butler’s old xanga entries. This exceprt from the one from March 11th 2004 caught my eye. David was talking about how those with significant others rarely talk about anything else in their xanga.

“brandon’s probably the only guy i know who has a girlfriend and doesn’t talk about her 24/7 on his xanga. all he EVER talks about is programming tests and computer science this and binary that, but you know what? that brotha don’t NEED to talk about anne all the time cuz he gets to see her WHENEVAH he wants! lucky $^(@#*&%! and in my opinion thats proof he has an awesome relationship with an awesome girl, those two were made for each other through and through and he better not let anything mess that up, which he hasn’t so far. brandon is the most loyal person i’ve ever met. “

It really got me thinking how much has changed since then. I mean, between then and now I have broken up and gotten back together with Anne, graduated and moved back to Fort Worth, and am now in a stage where I see Anne a lot less than every day! It used to be every weekend almost, now it’s been almost three weeks since I’ve last seen her. It’s very hard, and it hurts because I miss her so horribly much, but I’m so happy for her, because I know that she’s in such a perfect place right now. She’s working at a summer camp where she can witness to little kids, and is constantly surrounded by prayer. She’s going into the US Air Force (if God wills) in October, and so she’ll be in a completely different environment then, but it’s a journey I think she’s ready to take with God and I know eventually I’ll be joining her in it, in those oh so beautiful bonds of Holy Matrimony.

I am working for a defense contractor and living at home in an existence that could best be described as lonely. Or rather it would without God there to help me get through it. Often times I choose to spend my evenings entertained by the TV or video games. Such a useless existence when there’s nothing but that. I’ve let quite a few friendships go on the wayside. I need to make a change here. David’s comment about my loyalty nearly made me weep. I love you, bro. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I got to talk to you.

All right, time for lunch and then to hit this list of parts HARD.

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