Disney gaming and demon hunting

Currently Gaming
Kingdom Hearts for PlayStation 2
By Square Enix U.S.A., Inc

Yeah, I finally got bit by the Kingdom Hearts bug.

I mean, with a guy like Josh Henry as one of my best friends, not to mention my discipler, how could I not eventually play it?

I love Squaresoft (I refuse to call them Square Enix) RPGs myself, but I was having a hard time wanting to get into this one. Not because it’s a “Disney” RPG, I got no problem with that, It’s just more of a radical departure from the Final Fantasy series, which had turn-based combat, as opposed to KH’s more real time system. Frankly it’s still taking a lot of getting used to. But I’m willing to give it a fair shake.

So far it’s been a fun story, and the voices are very authentic. Donald Duck’s voice STILL cracks me up. I wish I could do that.

I’ll probably be playing this a lot this week, as opposed to World of Warcraft, so you get a break from my ususal wow rants/screenshots!

In other news…

I’m going to see a seriously hardcore metal show this Wednesday night at the Door in Dallas with the Butler brothers. Demon Hunter’s headlining. I’ve been told by David I will be bleeding by the time I go home. I’m taking some earplugs to make sure it’s not from my ears. Should be an awesome show, but if I see any Fussball tables in there, I’m running.

(Anybody besides David and Truett who get that joke, first to comment on it gets 1000 bonus points)

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