Demon Hunter show and TV Networks steal more ideas

Okay, I have something I do want to talk about in this post, but first off, the show.

I enjoyed a lot of it, yes, but there was plenty I did not. Demon Hunter and Becoming the Archetype were incredible. Those guys rock so incredibly hard. Becoming the Archtype is extremely talented and you can tell they have a serious love for Christ. Demon Hunter was great. If you guys can’t bear to listen to it, go Google the lyrics to “The Soldier’s Song”. It’s a brilliantly written (and even better played) anthem of support for our troops. Even if you don’t support the war, these guys are fighting overseas, and they deserve us backing them up 100 percent, especially when you consider the fact that they’re often manipulated into horrible circumstances by politicians trying to one up each other (coughMurthacough). They don’t need this kind of crap, they need to know they’re honored and respected for their service.

I have to say that all of you people who were there who were moshing were pretty cool too. Unless of course you were one of the idiots who was throwing punches around. Or you charged through people on the outside of the pit, probably knocking them over or hurting them in the process. That actually happened to me. Some jerk was trying to charge his way through the outskirts of the crowd who weren’t moshing, and I was trying to get out to grab some water for everyone, and he elbowed me in the stomach. To all of you who participated in those two acts, you guys are freaking morons.

As for the other bands…eh. Maybe it’s just because I never listened to them before coming to the show, but they were pretty much forgettable. I earplugged through them and didn’t really miss it a whole lot. Overall though, it was a great experience.

Okay, now onto the other item I wanted to discuss, and that’s NBC’s upcoming fall series Heroes. It would appear NBC wants to capitalize on the popularity of superhero movies, especially the X-Men films, as it is now coming out with a show about ordinary people who suddenly have superpowers. Here’s the official description, which can be read here

And what exactly does “paint the future” mean? When this guy’s power goes off, does his arm just spotaneously start painting? I can’t wait for the episode when the guy gets some vision of a death or something, but he spends the entire episode looking for a paintbrush and canvas so he can tell everyone else. That’s some high-quality DRAMA, people.

So, who are we going with for antagonists here? Will we have supervillians or a sinister government agency? I’m leaning towards the latter, and that all of these people will find themselves the victims of some sort of government super-solider-esque plot. Oh wait, Marvel did that already.

A mom with a powerful alter ego….I’m sorry, but I have to do this: “RAAAAAAAARGH! MOM SMASH!!!”

And this animated graphic novel? Who’s doing this one? Are they contracting out to Dark Horse, DC, Marvel, or any established comic company? Or are they just going to fly solo with it?

Believe me, I don’t want to sound cynical with this, I’ve often imagined a superhero TV series and what it would be like. This, however, isn’t anything new. It’s a thinly-disguised X-Men storyline. Ordinary people suddenly realize they have extraordinary powers in a world that fears them. Frankly, I’m shocked Marvel isn’t suing. Maybe I just haven’t waited long enough.

I’ll give it a shot. We’ll see if it turns into something decent.

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