So a couple of days ago, I took some random pictures with my digital camera, mostly due to boredom. Here’s the results!

Here’s your favorite Bmatt rocking out to something. I don’t remember what it was. I look very serene when I’m rocking out. Probably because the Lord speaks to me through Death Metal.
That may be one of the weirder things I’ve said today. But it’s true. You try popping “Undying” into whatever media player you prefer (be it physical or electronic) whenever YOU’RE facing an onslaught of temptation to sin. It works, trust me.

“Okay, priest, I’m gonna run into the middle of this nest of Zombie Dragon Whelps and repeatedly hit them with Arcane Explosion. Hit me with a Shield spell and keep me healed, and I’ll blast em all down. Here goes….all right, Shield me! No, not the Warrior, ME! Ack! I need heals!! HEAL THE MAGE!! THE MAGE HAS NO PLATE ARMOR! HEAL ME!!!…..aaaaah crappit!”

I think that says it fairly well. And yes, this really did happen. Notice my headphones come with a removable mic so I can use them as a headset. Versatility is a good thing.

That ungrateful blue duck. I take him away from a life of misery and display-itude at Six Flags, give him a home, some friends, and everything, and how does he repay me? HE JUMPS ON MY HEAD AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY! Well that’s it. We’ll settle this like men. And we’ll publicize the crap out of it so we can make money out of it.

So buy your tickets to the Matthews/Duck fight today!

This is the last thing you see as my katana opens you from collar to navel. At least it’s hawt.



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