Severe Linkitude

Welcome to those of you who may have just read my post on my xanga.

As you can see, the color scheme of this place is very similar to it, because I edited my xanga colors to resemble this place.

As you can see, I’ve added a large number of links over there to the right, organized by category. I recommend all of them.

I would like to spotlight Ask a Ninja, a website I recently discovered. I suggest you check it out, because it is hysterical. Click the link over there in the list to visit them.

If you’re wondering how to comment, just click the link below the post that says “0 comments” (it may say 1 comment or 2 comments, you get the idea).

After typing your comment, you can then select “other” from the choices to merely leave your name (and a website if you like). Then hit publish and you’re good to go!

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