Not enough "actual research"

One of the webcomics I read just concluded a very long epic storyarc which revolved around a war in Hell and how this event affected the world and the characters (who in any good fantasy epic, have to save it from destruction).

At any rate, I was perusing the message boards of said webcomic just to see how everyone was reacting to the conclusion, when I came across this sentence from someone discussing his overall feelings about the arc’s main villians.

“The demons of *comic title here* were unimpressive to me, too much Judeo-Chrisitian influence and not enough actual research for inspiration…”

I didn’t know really how to react to this statement at first. At first I had to laugh at the overall absurdity of it. But then I just felt shocked and really really sad.

The fact that he was unimpressed leads one to believe that he has done “actual research” on demons. I really don’t want to know what he considers an “actual” source for that, if “Judeo-Christian influence” (which I’m assuming means Scripture and probably anything written or spoken by those who trust and believe in what it says) apparently is not counted among that.

    • Grace
    • July 18th, 2006

    and it’s also rather ironic that it was too “Judeo-Christian”. lol. like Christianity has nothing to do with the demonic or spiritual warfare… or satan. you know. stuff that is never ever mentioned in the Bible.

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