Well….it IS my blog…I guess I can do this ONCE in a while….

And now for your reading pleasure….

…a blog entry about me rather than about something cool I found online, a political topic I feel strongly about, or a movie trailer I’m very much looking forward to see!

I spent the weekend in Waco, visiting all my peeps. I hung out with Josh on Friday, then again with him and Angie and her new roommate Mary. Mary’s gonna be a new freshman at Baylor this year. We actually spent a good chunk of the afternoon going through the new Science Building, since I was the only one of the group who’d been in there more than once. It was cool. We wrote Jesus Loves You on every dry erase board we could find that had a marker nearby. Antioch tagging, heh. I also wrote “Josh Henry was here” on a couple of professors doors (if they had some sort of paper taped to it, not on the doors themselves!), which made Josh miffed, but he’ll get over it. After that, Chris, Kelley, Courtney Waters and I went out to Lake Whitney and swam out there. It was nice. Water was a very nice temperature and we got there pretty late in the afternoon, so the sun wasn’t scorching us. Afterwards we headed out to Yianni’s, which was this greek place on I-35. Very good. I got some cheesecake for desert, and it enough would make me want to go back. Of course I enjoyed dinner also, but dang….good cheesecake.

Went to church on Sunday, which was like…a celebration of children. Not to say it was all kid’s stuff, it was also directed at parents too. Afterwards began the lunch location saga. First choice we settled on was Baris, but we found out it would be a 50 minute wait to seat everyone, so we switched to Fuddruckers. That didn’t work out either, because they’re closed for remodeling! Finally we settled on Cotton Patch cafe, which worked out just fine. I had some beer-battered fish and chips. It was delightful.

Just a brief summary of my weekend, yeah.

Oh and here’s the big news, My probationary period at work ends today. I passed. I’ve been told (by my Uncle Robert who also works here mostly)it’s a big huge thing, but really, it didn’t seem like that big a deal. My boss just brought me in and ran through a bunch of “yes or no” questions on a very outdated form. He told me it was just a formality, really.

So what exactly does that mean…I guess I just “made it” or something. Now I can take sick days if needed without fear of “how will this look when my probation comes”. Same for vacation time, what little I’ve accumulated. I could transfer to a different job opening in the company, which I’ve wanted to do, but there aren’t any openings in IT at the moment, which is where I’d like to go.

Guess it’s not really “big news” after all, but my family is making it out to be. So, yay for me!

That’s all for now. Back atcha later with something else cool.

    • Grace
    • July 26th, 2006

    aw… waco.. i miss waco. too bad i don’t really have any excuse to go there anymore. all my friends have graduated and moved away. :-(btw, did you see that they tore down Brooks? man, that made me feel so old ’cause i used to work in that building.

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