Help me out here, folks….

So, I’ve decided to head out to get some new music today. And rather than go to the store with something specific in mind to buy, I’m thinking I’m just going to head up to Mardel’s and just browse for a while.

However, one thing for certain I will not walk out of there without (barring them not having any stock) is Becoming the Archetype’s Terminate Damnation. I’ve come very close to buying it on iTunes several times, but I really don’t enjoy buying stuff on iTunes just on principle. They copy protect the files so that you can’t listen to them on any other player but iPods. Granted, I probably wouldn’t LISTEN to it on anything but my iPod or my computer, but I really have issues with them telling me what I can and can’t do with something I purchased and thus should have all rights to. I mean, if

Plus I like having the album art, and as of right now I don’t have any means to listen to anything that’s on my iPod in my car, other than simply burning a new CD. That and I wanna get out of the house for a while anyway.

So help me out readers. Give me some ideas for music. I’ll take anything into consideration.

Oh, and let me give you a little “sneak preview” of something to come…as early as tomorrow…. Click here!!

All from me for now folks. Look forward to your suggestions when i get home!

EDIT: Well, by the time I got off work, no one had left me suggestions. So I went up to Mardel’s and apparently they close at 6 on Wednesdays :-/ So I didn’t have time to peruse some new stuff anyway.

So I grabbed Terminate Damnation and on the way up, I saw a bunch of CDs that were on sale for like $7. So I grabbed Joy Electric’s Hello Mannequin and Bleach’s Audio/Visual. I almost got Showbread’s (or was that Showdown?) “No Sir, Nilhism is Not Practical”, but I wanted to listen to that one first.

Leave me your suggestions anyway. I’ll go back again.

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