The NAME MY COMPUTER contest!!

ATTENTION: The Contest to name my computer ends officially this Saturday, August 12, at 11:59:59pm! Please submit all your votes by that time for consideration

As a reminder, you can submit as many names as you like!!!

EDIT: PICTURES! Click the thumbnails to view the whole thing!

The complete overall setup of my new machine

A detail shot of the keyboard

Another shot minus the flash, so you can see the awesome backlight!

The heart and soul, the tower, weighing at a mammoth 44lbs, shown here with the front panel closed. You can also see one of the speakers of my lovely sound system.

And here we are with the tower panel open. Note the twin media drives, front audio ports, and two front USB ports. And the AWESOME glowing blue lights!

Again, taken without the flash so you can see the glow better. It looks a lot more awesome in person I promise!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Bmatt, in association with your good friends at Conflagration, is proud to present

The “Name Brandon’s new Computer” Contest!!!

That’s right, my very few but still awesome readers, you have the opportunity to give my new baby her name, and win an AWESOME prize. Now, the tower arrives on Wednesday and when she does, I’ll get some pictures posted of the whole setup, but I can tell you right now, it looks awesome. I’ll provide some links to her component pieces below.

But first, the RULES of the contest!

1. The name MUST be female.
2. The name can be from any culture, be it real (including Biblical names) or imagined (including any movie or book you like)
3. Try to avoid using names of my family members if you know them.

Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

PRIZE: Well, I haven’t exactly figured out what the prize would be, so I’ll tailor it specifically to the winner. If you win, you get a personalized prize, which you can either choose for me, or allow me to pick it for you. I’m not going to set a dollar limit for it, all I can say is “within reason”.

Good luck and happy naming!

    • Anonymous
    • August 1st, 2006

    I like the fact that it is female. As we all know computers are super smart, full of knowledge and wisdom and well, of course it will be female. I’ll have to think of a name……..

    • Anonymous
    • August 1st, 2006

    Ziva–that’s my nomination.

    • BMatt
    • August 2nd, 2006

    I kind of need to know who you are in case you win. Please post using the “other” option to identify yourself

    • Anonymous
    • August 2nd, 2006

    But I like my anonymity. Do you like my vote?

    • BMatt
    • August 2nd, 2006

    The name is a fine choice. I’m not going to consider it in the final tally, however, unless you reveal who you are. *shrug* Up to you, preserve your anonymity, or have a little pride in your suggestion.

    • August 3rd, 2006

    ok, ok, it’s me and I do have pride in my suggestion, just didn’t want you to be swayed in your choice, knowing who I am.

    • BMatt
    • August 3rd, 2006

    Ahahahaha, I forgot all about that nickname Kat gave you.

    • godzwarrior
    • August 3rd, 2006

    Cortana. Definately. And dude, you should have gone with the 7900 gt’s and 2 gigs of ram. i guess the ram would be easy to upgrade later…

    • Grace
    • August 4th, 2006

    fine. you are my suggestions.Megera and you can also give her the nickname Meg for short.or Christiana. like in Pilgrim’s Progress. it’s very allegorical and kinda significant at the same time. but you know me… liking everything to have a meaning. 🙂

    • ikkinlala
    • August 4th, 2006

    Risa.I don’t know why.

    • Adam (Bell)
    • August 4th, 2006

    I think you should name ‘her’….Sharonwartz

    • Anonymous
    • August 4th, 2006

    How about MARVELLA Nan

    • Exterminatus
    • August 10th, 2006

    if i have to choose one name.. just one name:it would be Carter from SG-1.. smart [i]and[/i] pretty..

    • godzwarrior
    • August 11th, 2006

    Oh and dont forget Deja. Continuing with the Halo trend (The Fall of Reach”

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