Contest update and Star Wars Comicness

Okay everyone, remember, the Name My Computer Contest officially ends at 11:59:59 pm this Saturday. You have until then to continue to submit name ideas.

You can submit as many names as you like. If you’ve submitted names already, submit more if they come to you!

Here’s the submissions so far.

Marzipan – Kwil
Tamar – Kwil
Keziah – Kat
Lalita, with an accent over the “i” – Cassaundra
Shaquarius – David “The Man” Butler (y’know…cause he IS)
Ziva – Mom
Christiana – Grace
Megara – Grace
Marvella – Nan
Krizia – Holland.
Cortana – Andy
Carter – Someone named Richard Taylor, who lives in the UK
Risa – Somone with the blogger alias “ikkinlala”

Keep em coming folks!

So what’s new with me, well, I’m trying to get back into some Star Wars goodness by finishing off my friend Josh’s collection of comics. Didn’t realize how far behind I have gotten. If any of you are comics or Star Wars fans, you might want to check out Star Wars: Legacy. It’s set something like 130 years after Return of the Jedi, entirely new cast of good guys and bad guys, a new story of the struggle of the few against a dominant Empire led by an all new Sith Order. I’m loving it so far. Issue 3 is supposed to come out later this month.

I should have the last issues of Empire that I’m missing in by Monday, as well as all the back issues of Knights of the Old Republic, save issue one, which apparently is out of stock everywhere.

And apparently Lone Star Comics doesn’t even have the Republic series (the one that was set during the Clone Wars and detailed a lot of the individual battles) in their database. I’m 5 issues short of having that complete collection, which sucks because those issues reveal the final fate of Quinlan Vos, who’s been a really cool character throughout the whole series, struggling with being a Jedi who had his memory forcibly taken from him and trying to rediscover his past, struggling with love, vengeance, and just being in general. I wanna check a couple of other comic stores before I have to order them directly from Dark Horse cause I know that’ll cost me an arm. Though having a cybernetic arm would be kinda cool….Although, maybe it won’t be Quinlan’s “final” fate, if this new Dark Times series has him in it. Considering he was the main character of the enitre Republic series I sincerely hope so.

I saw Kat again on Monday for the first time in like, forever, and it was really good to catch up with her and talk about all the stuff God’s brought/bringing us through. Can’t talk too much more about that cause y’know, it was kinda personal stuff. I just hope it’s not forever again before we see each other. And maybe this time I won’t forget and accidentally eat beforehand *d’oh*

Tonight shall be a busy night. I will be getting my car washed, getting a haircut, doing the dishes, doing some laundry (unless Mom beat me to those), doing a little exercise, and talking to Grace. Pretty much all of those things are long overdue, and I blame myself for that one.
Wow…link heavy blog entry. Enjoy them folks!

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