Josh and Angie are engaged!!

Edit: Here’s a photo of me, Akin, and Andy’s characters. Click to enlarge!

w00t. So I’m back from my weekend in Waco, and lemme tell ya, it was craziness. Way too much fun, way too many changes in the town for me to process, and way too many new freshman in the town. But then again, school does start today for them, so it’s to be expected.

So I get into town on Friday evening around 7:30. I head to the D-house to drop my stuff off and see how everyone’s doing. First thing I see, walking around the street corner, heading towards the house as well, are Smith Cornell and my former lifegroup leader/co-leader Genny Smith. Alone. Now, you gotta understand, Genny (by her own choice) does not date. She has very good and very legitimate reasons for doing so, even if I don’t agree with them. So you have to understand that to get what I was thinking, which amounted to “What the….no way. No, that cannot be what it looks like.” Well, color me wrong folks. Soon as I get out of the car, Genny immediately asks me 2 questions. The first is “Are you moving back to Waco??” and the second is “Hey did you know Smith and I are hanging out??”

Now, I gotta explain something. Hanging out is Antioch Community Church-ese for “Spending time together getting to know each other with the intent of possibly pursuing a relationship”. Yeah. Wrap your head around that. It’s also derisively known as Step 1 of the Antioch 12-step dating program. I’ll go into more detail about why I hate and despise the whole process later. Or even in another entry. I’d actually like to co-write that one with Grace, so you can get both gender’s perspective about why the whole thing stinks. Anyway, this is digression. Back to the weekend.

Actually, one more thing. It seems there’s a conspiracy in Waco to get me to move back there. Chris offered me (without talking to Josh, amusingly enough) not only a spot in the D-house, but also he and Kelley would help find me a girlfriend. A GIRLFRIEND. He claims he even has a few people in mind already! (Kelley denies that) And I can’t talk to a single person without them asking “So, are you moving back to Waco?” or even just assuming with “So when are you moving back to Waco?”. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. While, yes I would like to move back, as I miss everyone a lot, I kind of need a job. Which I have here. It’s not what I want to do the rest of my life, but it works for now and it pays the bills. Such things are not common in the town of Waco. So I’ll move back if I move back you psychos!!

Anyway, after that, I headed over to Akin’s place to catch up with him, since he just got back from Nigeria. We laughed, we talked, we played some WoW, we had fun. He then left to go hang out with Onyeka. I still have no idea what’s going on there. Ah well.

Saturday was Lake Day. 7 people ended up going; me, Chris, Kelley, Drew, Karley, Chris’ new roommate Jeff, and the Sara Solly. We swam, we threw the frisbee around, we jumped off a cliff, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. I forgot the camera, but Chris should be emailing me pictures very soon.

After that, we headed back home, where I met some of the new D-house guys as they were moving in and helped get the place ready for the suprise party Josh was throwing for he and Angie’s engagement.

Josh’s proposal was actually pretty good, I thought. He took her out to dinner at this really nice place called (I think) 1424, on Washington Ave. Ostensibly this was just for her birthday. Then after that, he blindfolded her, took her (via a random meandering course) back to Baylor to where Fountain Mall used to be. That spot happened to be the place where he first asked her out. They had a very nice desert there, and he had actually gotten a piece of the old fountain (since Baylor tore it down, the punks). He had the ring in a shoebox in a bag with him, and played it off as another gift he had for her for her birthday. When it was time, he asked her to close her eyes, then rustled around, acting like he was trying to dig it out, got down on one knee and popped the question. She reportedly jumped back about 10 feet in shock. And of course, she said yes.

So congratulations to you both!

The engagement party was fun, I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in some time, like Ashlie Kaim and the Cazacs. Afterwards, some people headed over to Karley’s house, where we watched Mystery Men (which was really funny I thought). Justin Permenter was even there.

Sunday was church, lunch at Fazoli’s (where the “Brandon must move back to Waco” conspiracy took a near official form, by which I mean, they’re gonna make a facebook group for it), and then I hung out with Akin and David until around 6, then headed home.

So, all in all, a good weekend. Pictures of the events of Saturday to be forthcoming!

I wanna just talk about my issues with World of Warcraft and the guild that I’m dealing with for a moment, if nothing else than to process it myself.

So, one of the major ways I got exposed to the game in the first place was watching Akin and David play it. So you can understand why I’d be wanting to play alongside them. They’re in a guild that does high-level, 40-man raid content. They’ve also been playing for a lot longer than I have, so they have better weapons and armor than I do at this point.

That guild has started a “recruitment” guild, where people can join, learn about some of these 40-man raids alongside experienced players, and get some gear with it. If you do well enough, you get promoted to the main guild. I joined this recruitment guild, and I’ve done Molten Core (the first of the games “raid” dungeons) quite a few times. David’s been helping teach me the encounters this whole time. Akin’s been in Nigeria and away from WoW.

There’s an addon for WoW you can download called Damage Meters. It basically gives a running chart for how much damage you’re doing, and tracks it with everyone else in the raid. Now, as a Mage, my job in these encounters is to do a lot of damage, so I’ve been trying to do so. Now, the other mages have all done this stuff a lot more, so they have much better gear than I do, so it’s obvious, they should be outdamaging me. Even so, I’ve usually been in the top 10 on the meters, so I thought I was doing pretty darn good.

The recuitment guild has had problems with people who can’t follow directions and don’t listen, so last week they said “All right, if you can’t follow directions and do your job in these raids, we’re gonna let you go next week. If you’re on the line for termination, you should have been talked to already. If you don’t know, please askt ehe guild leader.” I was fairly sure I was not, but I asked anyway. I was told that yes, I was. I asked why. Guild leaders response was that my damage was horrible and that myself and another recruiting guild mage were the only ones who messed up on this one specific boss that mages really needed to be on the ball for. I have only gone up against that boss once so far, and I did not screw it up, at least not that I’m aware of. I was convinced he had me mixed up with someone else, and I told him so.

I talked to the mage class leader in the guild, and was even more confused by his response. He claimed that, despite the fact that everyone else had better gear than me, I was doing the same amount of damage per frostbolt (the general use spell for the mage) as the other mages, yet I was getting beaten in the damage meters. So I must be doing something wrong. Frankly, I do not see how this is possible at all. I suspect he is lying to me, but I don’t know why. I also think he’s purposefully making sure I don’t get any gear. Again, I don’t know why. Last week I decided that after the Thursday Molten Core run I was going to just quit the guild, quit raiding, and basically put WoW on the backburner and play some other games. But the run got canceled due to not enough people showing up, so I decided to do it this Tuesday. Akin and David, however, don’t want me to quit, they still want me to get in and raid with them.

So, at this point, I’m kind of torn on what to do. So here’s the fors and againsts of the mess.

For – I stick to it and keep raiding
1. Akin and David are still committed to playing with me, and helping me do whatever I need to move forward.
2. I recently changed some stuff on my mages talent spec, which hopefully will improve my damage quite a bit.
3. It is a lot of fun, especially now that Akin’s back.

Against – I put the game on the whole on the backburner
1. The mage CL seems to have something against me, or his method of checking my damage per frostbolt is faulty, because it’s not possible at this stage for me to be equal to that of the other mages
2. Raids take up a lot of time. If by some strange miracle I get promoted up to the main guild, that will also mean raiding on a different schedule: Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Not sure if I wanna do that.
3. David is most likely moving to CA in October, and Akin will be graduating in December. That will most likely either force them to stop playing, or at least not so much.
4. The first WoW expansion is coming out soon, set to feature more content which will give players other options to get good gear besides doing these 40 man raids.

So, yeah, not sure really. If they kick me out for whatever reason, then that’s it, backburner with you and I go buy Half-Life 2. Been wanting that game for a while anyway. I’m willing to give it another shot, but I can only take so much crap. We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for reading the rant anyway guys. Back atcha later with the rant against Antioch’s 12 step program on dating. Promises to be entertaining, I assure ya.

    • godzwarrior
    • August 21st, 2006

    There is another perfectly good reason not to quit WoW. Me!!!! Once i get high enough, u, me, david, akin, and maybe jeff could start our own mini-guild and mold it to our own evil purposes!!! MMMWWWUUUUHHAHAHA!!!!!

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