Hey everybody, Meg here. Brandon’s asked me to do this little minor update for him while he’s at work. He seems to think he’ll be pretty busy today and he also figured, and I hope correctly, that his faithful readers would be wanting to hear from me again!

If he’s wrong, don’t tell me, cause I’m here anyway.

First of all, he wanted to express how happy he was at the attention received so far to the dissection of the “Antioch Dating System” by himself and Grace. He wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to read it and to comment afterwards. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the entry directly below this one, so please take a look at it, as it would mean a lot to him, and to Grace.

Secondly, there are 2 new pictures of himself over here and here. Yes, he is in a moving car when these were taken. No he wasn’t driving. You don’t have to freak out!

Finally he has some new WoW screenshots featuring the characters of his friends Andy, Akin, and David, and he wanted to say “BP 2 4 LyFE!”. I’m not absolutely certain of what that means, but I believe BP 2 may in fact refer to Baylor Plaza II, the apartment complex where all 4 of them, and coincidentally Grace, lived during Brandon’s senior year. He often speaks fondly of that year. At any rate, here are the pictures. Click the thumbnails to see the full size pic.

This one was posted earlier in the blog, but Brandon thinks it may have been missed by a lot of people. It features Andy’s character, Agarax,on the far left, with no mount because his character is too low level. In the middle is Akin’s level 60 warrior, Rabid, on his epic mount, a creature called a kodo. Brandon’s character, Dahkar, is on the right, on his non-epic raptor mount, which is not as fast as an epic one.

This screenshot features Brandon’s Dahkar, and David’s level 60 Warlock, Evrae, on his epic Dreadsteed mount. You may also notice Dahkar’s raptor different in this picture. Well, that is because he FINALLY assembled enough gold to get his Epic Mount! Brandon spent most of Sunday marveling at how fast his new raptor ran around the World of Warcraft.

Here’s a shot of Dahkar and his new raptor alone.

Til next time, folks!-Meg

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