The Facebook News Feed Controversy

Subtitled: The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.

So for those of you on facebook, you probably noted their new “news feed” feature. Basically it aggregates news of everyone on your friends list, anytime they make a change to their profile, facebook notes it, and shows all of your friends on their respective news feeds.

Also, on your profile, it will display a “mini-feed” that shows changes related to you. Like if I change my current status, add a new friend, any of that, it posts it there on the mini-feed.

This has apparently sparked some outrage among Facebook users. I’ve seen (via this very feature) many of my friends join “Anti-news feed” groups protesting that this news feature feels “Creepy and stalkerish” and that they want SOME modiucum of privacy on facebook.

Are you freaking kidding me?

You want PRIVACY on the freaking internet. You want security. You want your info to be “protected” so you’ll be “safe”. But you still want it to be out there on Facebook. Do you not see the inherent contradiction there??

There is NO such thing as privacy on the internet people, not where social networking is involved. If you want the absolute safety from “creepy stalkers” DON’T FREAKING PUT YOUR ALL YOUR INFO ON FACEBOOK! Or make your freaking profile only viewable by friends!

As for me, I LIKE the new feed feature. I can see when people post new photos, and easily go look and comment on them. I can see people joining new groups, and I might just see a group I like and want to join myself.

Is there maybe too much info on there that no one really cares if it’s updated or not? Perhaps that is the case. But if you’re worried about everyone seeing some change to your profile, then you have a bigger problem than Facebook deciding to more easily passs that along to everyone. You either have friends in Facebook that you DON’T need to have, or you shouldn’t have even had that information on your profile in the first place.

Take responsibility for yourselves. STOP SHIFTING BLAME.

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