An apology

Guys, I want to issue an apology for what I said below, because frankly, I think the way I said it may have hurt some people.

I stand by what I said, however. I have a really big problem with people who will not take responsibility for their actions and try to blame other people for it, especially with regards to technology. But the way in which I said it, that’s another matter.

I have had a pretty crappy day, I’ll admit that. I’m still recovering from pneumonia, I had a ton of stuff to do at work piled up from the sick day I took, my mom was not doing well this morning because I’m fairly sure I gave her my illness, and my grandmother’s beloved dog broke her back and had to be put to sleep this morning. And there’s a few other things, but I don’t want to discuss them here.

Frankly, after checking on facebook this morning and seeing all the complaints about the new news feed, I basically blew up at that particular situation. Here, at Conflagration, and on Facebook. I went beserk with it.

I have calmed down and taken the time to process through a lot of the other stuff, and now I realize how crazy I went. I’m sorry if in my rantings, I hurt some of your feelings. I did not mean to do so. Please forgive me.

As for everything else, Mom’s feeling better, so am I, my grandmother will need time, but she too will heal. I got caught up at work. The rest, well, that’s in God’s hands.

Thanks. I’m going to bed now. Another day tomorrow, another Molten Core raid to finish. Oohh, that reminds me, some of you have been asking about my WoW troubles, I’ll follow up on that tomorrow after lunch. It’s actually good news too. I just hope that’s enough time for everyone to see this

    • godzwarrior
    • September 7th, 2006

    bmatt goes on rants occasionally. its nothing new. its not facebook’s fault. YOU chose to listen, so stop shifting the blame!! 🙂

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