Facebook and Xanga mess, and some other nifty things

Okay, so something good came out of the facebook controversy after all. Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, has released an apology concerning the News and mini-feed privacy issues, and has quickly implemented and released privacy controls for the whole feed. You can now set what does or does not show up in your feed (and other people’s feeds about you) by going over to my privacy. It’s also worth noting the list of items that will never appear in that list.

The apology should appear on your homepage when you sign onto facebook, and the privacy controls are under “My Privacy”. Go change them if you’re really worried about that sort of thing. I only got rid of some of it cause I considered the information to be pointless.

Anyway, speaking of internet privacy, our friends at Xanga apparently got fined by the FTC for not providing adequate means of age checking for underage users. Apparently they allowed 1.7 million accounts of users who submitted birthdays indicating they were under 13. Collecting info from users that young without parental permission is a violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. The fine? One. Million. Dollars. People, keep your freaking kids off the internet!!

If you’re a fan of Homestar Runner at all, this video and this video, from the Chapman Brothers appearance at the Alamo Drafthouse over a year ago, must be seen. Ooh…no depth perception!!

I was listening to a podcast of the sunday message (on 9/3) from the Villiage Church in Highland Villiage, where my good friend Kat attends, and Matt Chandler said two things that I wanna quote here because they’re very very true and they resonated in me today. First of all, talking about saturating yourself with true and holy things when you’re in a dry place…

“You can get, online, for free, all of Tommy Nelson’s sermons, all of Mark Dryscall’s sermons, all of John Piper’s sermons, just PODCAST em! Put em onto your hard drive, get an Mp3 player, it’s a great investment. Look at me, it’s NOT a fad! We’re not goin’ back to the tape! It’s not like it’s gonna rotate out, and all of the sudden we’re back at the 8-track, aight? It’s over! Tapes, CD’s, over! Embrace it! It’s not going away, invest in a good Mp3 player and USE IT FOR THE GLORY OF CHRIST!”

Oddly enough, that’s exactly how I’m listening to this very message. Two, more seriously, this one, which I though was pretty good.

“What I will tell you, is the very serious matter of following Christ looks like this: Find the things that stir your affection for Christ and saturate your life in ’em. And find the things that rob you of that affection, and walk away from ’em. And that’s the Christian life as easy as I can make it for you”

Weekends here. What’m I doing? No idea. Wanna go do it with me? Awesome. Let’s transform and ROLL OUT!

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