New Music and teh US Open

This past Friday was officially declared to be a “NEW MUSIC FRIDAY”!

I picked up 4 new CDs whilst at the local Mardel’s. So far they have been on the most part very very good. I spent a long time there though, trying out all sorts of new artists before finally settling on what did went with.

First of all, let’s start with the obvious gold item. Demon Hunter’s Summer of Darkness. It’s Demon Hunter. I haven’t heard something by them yet that I just had to say “Oh for the love of crap, this song SUCKS”. Not once. Not Ready to Die is probably one of the best songs ever. It’s going to be gracing my “recently played” list numerous times in the coming days.

Second up is the other obvious good one. KJ-52’s Remixed. Now, I know a lot of people don’t care for remix albums. “It’s the same songs” they say. “I want some new stuff”. Fair enough, I reply. But KJ doesn’t just throw down some new music behind the lyrical track of a song and call it good, Remix changes up the songs so much, you’ll find yourself unable to sing along until you get the new flow. Still feels a little like the original but different enough that you’ll enjoy it all over again. The man busts through 4 different flavors of hiphop in ONE SONG. 47 Emcees on this album is worth listening to alone.

Actually, this album was the first time I heard the whole story of the VH1 controversy involving KJ supposedly “dissing” Eminem. Probably old news to most by now. Yet another reason I can’t stand popmusic culture. Ah well.

Next up on the list is Stryper. Yeah, another Stryper album for the Bmatt. I got their new “Reborn” that came out last year. I’m not sure what exactly I think of it yet. I’m trying very hard not to compare it alongside their old stuff, because you can’t really make that comparison and call it fair. How long had it been since Stryper came out with a new album? 15 years? Gotta expect a lot of changes since then. So far, I’m enjoying it a lot. And the cover art is phenomenal.

Finally, a new band. Showbread’s “No Sir, Nihilism is Not Practical” rounds out my CD purchases. I don’t even know where to START with these guys. Their sound is completely unique and not something I’ve even come close to hearing. It’s going to take quite a few listens before I can give it a final verdict. But then again, I had to do the same thing with Joy Electric, and now I’m like “I ❤ JE!"

It’ll never happen though, Federer is too good. Ah well. Watch and enjoy, 3pm on CBS. I’m out!

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