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Ok, so first off the bat, you may notice things look somewhat different round here. I decided to be an early adoptor and joined the new Blogger, currently in Beta. Features a layout editor which is more easy to use, ability to tag posts, all sorts of good stuff. Unfortunately, as a side effect, i had to remove Meg from the blog. As soon as they let me let her back in, she’ll return. Now, on with the post

Hmmm…so some interesting news out of Apple couple of days back. New iPod Nanos and Shuffle, and a new version of iTunes.

The new iPod shuffle ( is even smaller than the older one, about the size of a matchbook. Has about a 12 continuous play battery life, holds up to 1gig of songs, and an attached belt clip. Nifty I suppose, but frankly, not my taste. It looks like it’d snap in half in a good breeze. I’ve never really been a fan of the Shuffle concept, I want my Mp3 player to at least have a screen showing the time or what song number I’m on. But then again, that’s why I’ve got a 5th gen iPod (the video one)

Moving on to the new Nanos (, they’re thinner and now come in stylish new colors. Or rather, certain ones do. The low end 2gig model only comes in silver. Middle-road 4gig is only availible in blue, green, or pink, and if you want the nice 8gig model, well, I hope you like black. That make any sense to anyone? No? Yeah, me either. They’ve got brighter screens and better battery life too. I still don’t really want one. I like mine much better.

Now the new version of Itunes (version 7), that I like. A lot. ( They’ve made some vast improvements to the UI. You can now view your music library organized by album, complete with album art (which you can finally retrieve from their database), or even scroll through a new “album art” style browsing. You can view options for syncing without going into iPod preferences, they’re already in a series of tabs that show up in the main window when you plug your iPod in. It’s mostly minor things, but they really polish the whole program.

Itunes store now features downloadable movies and some games that those of us with video iPods can get, too. They’re not cheap though, and I don’t wanna know what kind of bad things they do for battery life.

In other news, Rosie O’Donnel thinks us “radical” Christians are just as dangerous to the U.S. as radical muslims. Yeah. I must’ve missed the news that day when radical christians were blowing themselves up and killing heathens to guarantee their place in heaven.

I hit my 7 year mark as a Christian tomorrow. I’m going to celebrate it by going to work. And listening to the song written about that tragic day by that really awesome ska group monkeywrench. Then I’m gonna go to Waco.

By the way, the day is not tragic because it’s the day I gave my life to Christ, it’s tragic because of the shooting at Wedgewood Baptist church which God used to move my heart to that place where I realized that only He could give me the salvation I desperately needed. But then again, most of you probably already knew that.

Random Thought Blitz time. Ready?

Ice Breakers Sours are the most delicious candy on the whole planet. And they’re sugar free.

I think Pigeon John has one of the coolest voices ever.

I want to know why in the world the US military isn’t exploring Mech/Walker technology more. We should have AT-ATs already, dangit. Or something from the MechWarrior game series. GET CRACKIN!

Take some time today and think about how Phantom Menace would have turned out if Darth Maul was the Jedi and Qui-Gon Jinn was the Sith Lord.

I like comments. Please leave me some. Anything. Give me a random 6 digit number if nothing else! Seeya.

    • grace
    • September 14th, 2006


    • grace
    • September 14th, 2006

    new nano…. *drools* too bad i can’t justify it in my head to buy one, especially with my mini still working really well. blasted apple.oh well, i’ll just wait for their 12th gen ipod. by then, my mini will have breathed its last and i can move on with a clear conscience.

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