Weekends in Waco

So as you are all no doubt aware, teh Bmatt made yet another triumphant return to Waco this weekend. Why?

Well, honestly, because I missed you all. And I needed to talk to Josh about some important stuff. More on that eventually.

So, what exactly went down on this fateful Friday…well, lets put it simply. Shenanigans. Lots and lots of shenanigans. I prevented Chris from studying. Or more accurately, me, Josh, Smith, Sean, and…Jeff, I think was there too. We all prevented him from studying. Friends don’t let friends study on Friday evening. That’s just not right. They also don’t let them play gnomes, especially gnome warriors. But that’s irrelavent to the current conversation. For the Horde.

I don’t think we actually did anything except sit up there and talk about stuff for hours. But it was fun all the same.

Saturday, me, Josh, and Sean Corley ran around all over the place. We went to…McDonalds for lunch (because Josh is in love with the place despite the fact that anything they make is made better somewhere else. Seriously Josh. The burgers are better at Wendy’s or Jack in the Box. You want better chicken? Go to Bush’s. Or even Wendys for crying out loud. Salads….ok, seriously if you’re going to McDonalds to get a salad, you got messed up priorities). After that, we went to a various assortment of locales. I got them to run me by Bankstons Comics, where I picked up several Star Wars comics I was missing, inclduing Knights of the Old Republic #1 (completing that collection), Republic #79-82 (now only missing #83), and a Boba Fett one-shot that I thought was pretty good. After that, we headed to Target just to prowl around and kill time. Sean found a bike he really wants. That guy loves yellow. I don’t know why. After that, the new Mardels. We browsed books and music. I think i found some good CDs I wanna get alongside Pillar’s new CD when it comes out next month. Age of Reptiles actually sounds a lot more to my liking than Showdown’s previous album. Decyfer Down’s CD sounded really good too. Hearts of the Innocent, the new Kutless CD, will probably round out those purchases. The only other CD that kind of caught my attention was DJ Maj’s Boogiroot. Not sure about it, I’ll have to listen again to know for sure.

Anyway, after all that, we met a bunch of people at Rosas cafe before the balloon glow concert at Floyd Casey stadium. Big Daddy Weave was the artist this year, and actually was last year as well, but the show was canceled on account of the whole hurricane scare. Pfft. Anyway, I really wasn’t planning on going, but my be-sociable desire won out over my general disinclination towards contemporary Christian artists. BDW actually wasn’t that bad, but it was a concert atmosphere, and that is extremely infectious. Most of the songs they did were stuff that had been adapted by Antioch’s praise band, so I knew them fairly well. All in all, never a band I’d buy a CD of, but a good enough show. The balloons were pretty good, they actually almost didn’t inflate them on account of high winds, but eventually it died down enough that they were able to get them up. One of them, unfortunately, got hit with a strong enough wind that it was getting pushed down into the stands, and several people had to scramble out of the way. It was hilarious. During BDW’s intermission, the balloon glow did their usual thing of igniting the flames to the beats of several songs, including We Will Rock You, the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and interestingly enough, Toby Keith’s patriotic country song that ends with “Brought to you courtesy….of the Red, White, and Blue”. Frankly I was shocked they allowed that one, given that it contains use of the word “ass” and that a lot of Baylor Students vehemently (and loudly) are opposed to the war. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with Keith’s sentiments in the song, but still, not something I expected.

After the concert, we got a phone call from Gino. He was at work at a local radio station, where he monitors everything and switches to commercials when needed. He was all alone there and was going through some rough stuff he just wanted to talk to someone about. Josh, Sean, and I all went. In the course of the evening, we invented a new improv game called “The Ask Bmatt Show”. You see, Gino’s station has one of those cool mics that radio personalities are always seen talking in to, so I grabbed it and started messing around with it, and gradually this game developed. Basically, everyone takes turns coming up with hilarious characters to call in to an advice show, and the Bmatt of course attempts to answer them in a mean and snarky fashion, which is of course blamed on a distinct lack of Mountain Dew. Josh and Gino had a lot of fun with it (Sean for some odd reason refused to take part). Great night all in all.

Sunday was church, lunch afterwards was at Rudy’s. Oh man, I had not had sausage that good in a very long time. I also saw J-Dugg and Steph, who had just then come into town, as well as Tina and Shannon. It was like…visitors weekend or something! Afterwards I hung out with Akin and David, who are always a blast to be around, and their part in the guild raid in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. It was storming pretty badly, and I had to take off as soon as a lull in the storm developed.

So yeah, I had me a good weekend.

This Article from Slashdot explains EXACTLY how I feel about buying music online nowadays. I bought 2 albums off of the iTunes music store before I truly understood about what DRM was and why it was so horrible. What’s DRM you ask? Click here. I won’t buy anything out of there if I can help it. It’s worth it to just buy the CDs and rip them to my hard drive in order to avoid having iTunes tell me what I am and am not allowed to do with SOMETHING I BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. Plus I like having the CD artwork.

Who likes random thought Blitz? ME!

Why is it that every time I go down there I inevitably get questioned about my romantic life??i

Today is most definitely a day to use the blue pen in my 8-color pen assortment

I’m not touching the new Nintendo videogame system until they come out with the promised Star Wars game where, given the uniqueness of the controller, you actually get to (virtually speaking) wield a lightsaber. Oh sure, previous games let you control characters who had them, but the Wii’s new controller scheme (look it up) lends itself to using the controller as an actual lightsaber hilt. In fact I believe such a thing was promised in early promotional videos. Give me that game, or else I’m gonna be very unhappy, Nintendo.

If you haven’t switched up to Itunes 7 yet, you need to fix that problem.

On my desktop calendar at work, it lists mexican and canadian holidays in addition to US ones. Or rather, it did, before my whiteout tape and I had something to say about it.

I heard You calling, setting fire to my soul. Is this the Voice we die for? We die for Life.

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