Coup in Thailand

I know that Thailand is on the hearts and minds of a lot of people who read this blog. So I thought you would all be interested in this news.

The military has staged an apparently successful coup against Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The coup was bloodless and achieved without firing a shot as the Prime Minister was attending the UN General Assembly in New York. Martial law is in place.

Army leader General Sonthi Boonyaratglin says they will need a year to produce a reformed constitution, but is seeking out a suitable replacement for the ousted prime minister among the civilian population, hopefully within 2 weeks. The coup was initiated as a pre-emptive strike against what he saw as “intractable political deadlock which threatened Thailands stability”. Accusations of corruption in Thaksin’s government were rampant

The coup was given legitimacy by Thailand’s royal family. Thaksin has been accused of subverting democracy in Thailand for his friends in the business world and his family, including election fraud. He is not exiled from Thailand, but will be welcomed back, though according to the nation’s police chief, he will have to answer for any charges currently filed against him.

The US, EU, Australia, and others all condemned the coup, asking that democracy be restored as soon as possible.


    • grace
    • September 20th, 2006

    this is why i don’t watch the news…. governments tumbling, corruption abounding…. i should start a newspaper of my own, “the good news daily” how about that?i’ll have articles about puppies and kittens and how cute they are. and wow, no car accidents, no deaths, no mayhem!subscriptions start at less than a dollar a day. 🙂

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