Technician 4th Class Brandon Matthews, 82nd Airborne Infantry

EDIT: The picture should now actually allow you to click it to view the full size now.

So, I imagine you’re all wondering how the weekend went down. As most of you are no doubt aware, From The Trenches went on another reenactment this past weekend, where a group of army Rangers (and one airborne infantryman who got misdroped) trudged their way through a French forest and cleared it of Nazi resistance.

Well, given that the results of that project are still being finished up, I can’t exactly show ya much at this point. I do however, have this little preview for ya. Click it!

There shall be more forthcoming. Much more, I promise.

In other news, it’s Monday. And it’s not starting off well. There was yet another example of human incompetence on 820 this morning, causing HUGE backups and me to be late to work again. That’s three workdays in a freaking row that there’s been an accident on this road. This one was particularly bad. Some (extremely redneck) guy was towing a piece of construction equipment. You know, one of those that looks like it probably serves some purpose, but you honestly couldn’t tell for the life of you what that might be. Anyway, the little trailor he had this beast on was apparently not quite up to handling something that heavy, because the wheels fell off the thing. So there the guy is, just standing there, staring at the thing that’s blocking an entire lane, scratching his head. And of course, this isn’t on the part of 820 that’s 4 lanes wide, no no, this occurs just right after a brilliant city planner decided that when building this highway, it would be a good idea to just compress it from 4 to 2 lanes. AARRRRRRGGGGH


But you know, as bad as the day’s started, I know at least it should end well. Me and Grace are gonna go do something tonight we both greatly enjoy. Eat cow. Yum.

Enjoy the preview, and see ya’ll later.

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