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October 3rd is gonna be an awesome day for music for me.

Pillar and Skillet BOTH are coming out with new albums, titled The Reckoning and Comatose respectively. I love both of these bands and greatly anticipate these new releases.

But that’s not all, oh no, not even close. There’s so many other CDs that I’ve listened to and want to get simply because I’m waiting for this tuesday to roll around! Let’s take a look, shall we? Wait, whaddya mean, “no”?? Get back here!!

Decyfer Down is a band I’d only recently heard of quite a bit on (which is where I go to for album release dates, it’s actually pretty reliable), who gave there first album, End of Grey, some pretty good reviews. So I listened to them at the new Mardel’s in Waco, and dang, they’re pretty good. Not quite metal, but still very hard rock, the spiritual content is poetic and prominent, and it doesn’t sound formulaic. I cannot stand it when bands don’t “have their own sound” but just copy all the cliches of a particular genre, and unfortunately it’s been all too prominent in Christian music in the past. At any rate, yeah, I like it a lot.

It’s actually a complete mystery to me why I never got into Kutless more. I don’t have a single Kutless album, in fact, I didn’t even have a single song of theirs until Josh gave me a collection of 6 that he had on his computer (zomg RIAA is coming for us!) from their self titled album (Your Touch, In Me, Run) and Sea of Faces (Sea of Faces, Treason), as well as their contribution to the Songs Inspired By the Chronicles of Narnia. I like them all. Their new album, Hearts of the Innocent, was very good from the samples I listened to, and it’ll probably be another one I pick up that day.

Mutemath’s self-titled full album supposedly came out yesterday as well, though not having gone to verify that, I can’t say so for sure. But Reset was greatness. I’m guessing these guys won’t disappoint again. (We are peculiar people, this I know….)

So those are my for sure buys. These next albums are potentials that I’m leaning towards getting. Tell me what you think, please.

First up, Family Force 5, and their debut CD, Business Up Front, Party in the Back. I got to hear this bad boy this past weekend with my main man David Butler whilst running around in preparation for the WWII expedition. These guys…they’re a mystery to me. I first saw them mentioned on David’s Blog, so I figured I’d see what was up, given the strange album title. Upon viewing the song titles spelled with internet shorthand (Lose Urself) or just plain wrong (Cadillac Phunque, Kountry Gentlemen) I immediately set it back down and refused to even listen to it on principle. I HATE it when people do that. However, I’ll admit that upon hearing it, it’s very catchy stuff, heavy bass kinda rock, lot of pop influence. The kinda thing that’s perfect in a club environment. Lyrics are mostly just fun stuff, there’s not much (at least not that I heard) that deals with Christian living. I’d like to listen to some of the later songs on the album, cause I’ve read that that’s where they get more into that. If you’ve got or heard this, let me know what you think.

Next, Showbread. Ah, Showbread. No, Sir, Nihilism is Not Practical, which I just recently got, is actually kind of growing on me. At least it was before I left it in Denton. Oops. I got a brief chance to hear their new CD, Age of Reptiles, and it sounded pretty good, but like David told me, absolutely nothing like Nihilism. Again, it’s a maybe.

Finally, a really sweet band I was exposed to by David this past weekend. Flatfoot 56, and their CD, Knuckles Up. You wanna know what makes this band sweet? They’re a Celtic punk bad. Yeah. You heard me. Bagpipes, thrashing guitars, Irish vocals, a mandolin, and all. You really have to listen to this one yourself, because I can’t explain it to you. Go find it on iTunes, or go to Mardel’s or whatever Christian music store you like, and listen to it. I absolutely loved what I heard, and if the rest is as good, this album’s a sure-fire pick for me. Thanks David and Holland for that one.

Aight, so like, I’ve noticed recently there’s been a drought of people leaving me comments. Come on you guys! I know a lot of you read this thing. TALK TO ME OR SOMETHING! In fact, I’ll even talk about some other CDs that I’d never buy myself, but maybe you cotemporary types would enjoy it.

Big Daddy Weave’s new release, Everytime I Breathe, also came out yesterday.
Amy Grant’s got a new Live CD out as of yesterday as well.
Chris Tomlin? Yup, new release See the Morning out yesterday too.
Moving forward, you Jeremy Camp types might be interested in knowing about his new album Beyond Measure will be out October 31st.
It looks like a lot of people are putting out Christmas albums next month, including Mary Mary and Sandi Patty.
Finally, there’s the Platinum Series, which appears to be a “Best of” collection. Rich Mullins, Michael W. Smith, 4Him, and Twila Paris each have one of these coming next month.

There. Never let it be said I’m not accomodating to you weaksauce types :-P. Aight, I’m done for this entry. Later!

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