There was shaving cream…everywhere…it was horrifying…

So yesterday I went up to Denton to see Kat. She was in the mood to have a shaving cream/water balloon fight. Not having seen her in quite a while, I obliged and joined in on the madness. She tried to sneak out in the backyard and hide the cans of shaving cream so that she could use them and me have none, but I caught her before she could hide the last one. The battle went my way initially, due to my height and dodging abilities. In the end she ended up teaming with her sister to try and take me on. And that was after I had already depleted my can of shaving cream. Once Heather sends me the pictures, I’ll let you decide for yourself. But I totally think I won. Mwahahahah.

We also went to her church, which was actually really cool, and reminded me a lot of Antioch, in terms of teaching and what they believe, if not in structure. Afterwards we had dinner at On the Border, where I rediscovered just how tasty chicken fajitas are with ranch, pepper jack cheese, and a little bacon. Mmmmm.

Oh and you should totally go check out Heather’s new car. Sweet ride.
They also had this sweet little number, which I couldn’t believe I had missed up until now!

Animaniacs! On DVD!! w00t! Seriously, was this not the greatest cartoon ever? I would think so. I loved this show, even though it had it’s flaws. It had some good characters (The Warner Brothers, Pinky and the Brain, Slappy Squirrel) but most of them just didn’t match up. Then of course there was the glorious day when Pinky and the Brain got their own 30-minute spinoff show. And wouldn’t you know it, they also put the first season of that on DVD as well!

Okay, this one, yeah, I gotsta get my hands on it. How can you not love lab mice trying to take over the world? Answer: You can’t.

Oh yeah, and some other spiffy news: I finally chanced upon a copy of Star Wars: Republic #83, thus completing my collection of the Republic series and bringing me back up to date with Star Wars comics! Knights of the Old Republic #8 has just come out too, but Rebellion #5 has apparently been pushed back AGAIN. Ugh. I enjoy the story of Rebellion, which continues the story of one of the Empire series’ most popular characters, Janek Sunber, and his relationship with Luke Skywalker and struggling with being an honorable man in the Empire he discovers is ever more corrupt, but I can only wait between issues so long, Dark Horse!! COME ON!

Incidentally, remember the line in Star Wars where Luke disgustedly says “Yeah, that’s what you said when Biggs and Tank left…”? Janek Sunber is who Tank is.

I also found a new Star Wars book had been published called Darth Bane: Path of Destruction. Darth Bane is the Sith Lord responsible for instituting the rule that Yoda talked about in Episode II. “Always two, there are. No more, no less. A Master, and an apprentice.” He’s been in a lot of the older comics, this is the first book to talk about his early life and rise as a Sith. Looks good, but I’ve never been interested much in Darth Bane, so I’ll wait until it hits paperback. It’s by a new author I’ve not heard of called Drew Karpyshyn, we’ll see if he falls under the listing of good authors (Zahn, Stackpole, Allston, Luceno, Stover, and others) or the listing of suck (Kevin Anderson, Barbara Hambly, and worst of all Troy Denning).

Well, back to work for me. Back at ya tomorrow eveningish with my thoughts on the crapload of good music I’m getting soon! Seeya.

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