The Emperors Die

The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. You will never find a more wretched hive. No, “scum and villiany” isn’t missing, trust me, this place is a hive all on it’s own. Home to the insectoid silithid and their evolutionary apex and masters, the Qiraji, they threaten all those who would live and survive in the World of Warcraft.

Few know the true being who created the intelligent Qiraji from the near-mindless Silithid. Few know who powers the golem-like Anubisath guardians who destroy all who would oppose them. Few know what dark foul power lies at the center of the Temple.

Dahkar and his fellow guildmates of Shattered Legacy have dared to raid the temple, seeking to end the threat of the Qiraji once and for all. After a long and hard fought series of battles, they ended up in the throne room of the Twin Qiraji Emperors. Emperor Vek’lor and Emperor Vek’nilash

And they slaughtered them.

But their death did not guarantee the demise of the Silithid. For in the dark heart of the temple, a fell voice whispered lies and threats to the noble Horde warriors. To their utter horror, Shattered Legacy discovered what true power was behind the evolution of the silithid into the Qiraji all along.

The dread Old God, C’Thun.

So yeah, I was around for Shattered Legacy’s second kill on the Twin Emperors. It was a dang hard fight. See, one of them is a powerful spellcaster, but he’s immune to any physical attacks. The other one has a huge sword and hits really hard with it, but he’s immune to any kind of spell damage. Plus if they get too close to each other, they’ll heal each other for ridiculous amounts. And every 10 seconds, they switch places. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they mutate these little bugs into giant insects which either start attacking people, or just explode.

Basically it’s a big cat and mouse game where you have to constantly run back and forth to be sure you’re attacking the “right” emperor every time they switch places, and make sure they stay away from each other. And have some people waiting for the giant bugs to make sure they die very quickly.

Very hard, but as you can see, immensely satisfying.

C’Thun….don’t even ask. He’s on a whole other level of ridiculously hard.

Enjoy the screenshots!

Since I seem to get more comments when I actually post about myself and how I’m feeling, I’ll do an entry like that later.

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