Take some note of new stuff around here

SUPERGIANT IMPORTANT NEWS: My Baylor Email will cease to function as of October 24th. You have until then to change your address books to my gmail address (Brandon.K.Matthews@gmail.com). Any email sent to my Baylor account after that, I will never see.

Okay, so I’ve made a few changes around the place.

First of all, the blog will now stretch to fill your entire screen, as opposed to just occupying a small portion of it.

Secondly, you might notice the pic of me on the upper right corner is gone. That’s because I put together a simple little “About the Author” page, which you can view by clicking the link over there, complete with pics, contact info, and other random stuff.

Finally, there’s some random little thingies over on the right. “Yoda says” features a cool Yoda quote, or a random thing I feel like saying, but in Yoda’s quirky sentence structure. “My recent tracks” lets you view what your favorite Bmatt’s been listening to at his compy. Also, I’ve added and subtracted some various links. Check em’ out. I highly recommend anything I’m willing to link to on my blog.

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