Section Retreat 06

Hey gang, just got back from my weekend in Waco. Josh invited me to go on the section retreat with them, camping out Friday night at Mother Neff State Park, outside of McGregor, TX. Good times were indeed had. I’m actually STILL sore from the games we played Saturday afternoon. We played a round of Kamikaze, which is basically a four-team game where you have 4 chairs, an arc in front of them composed of bags of flour, and a central station of water balloons. In each chair sits one teams president. Each team has 2 defenders and two attackers. The attackers must run up and get a water balloon and hit another teams president with it. The defenders smack the attackers with the flour bags to get em out before that happens. The rest of the team sits in front of the bag-arc and blocks (if possible without standing up) water balloons. It was good fun. I took a serious dive tryin’ to hit Scott Spoede that I’m still sore from.

Anyway, after all that, we came back to Waco and went to a LeCrae concert at the church later that night. LeCrae is a Christian hip hop artist who performed at one of the Urban Ministry nights last year, he came back again. He’s pretty good stuff. He’s got 2 albums out, his first being “Real Talk” and his second and most recent is “After the Music Stops”. Good beats, good flow, and open and honest Truth. Can’t go wrong with that. Grab “Real Talk” if you don’t know where to start because it has the track “Represent” which is in my opinion his best. It’s definitely the most catchy. I was thinking about this on the way home, the way new music seems to diffuse among Antioch members, and I had some thoughts therein, but I’ll save them for later. Anyway, here’s some pics from the weekend. Photos are also availible on Facebook for those of you who are on that. And please, help me tag the things!

Church was darn good. They’ve been doing a character study series on David, and this week was a fairly blunt one, dealing with his sin with Bathsheba. No punches pulled, no niceties, just truth about sexual immorality and what it costs you and your soul. Wish Antioch would put their sermons online, because I’d definitely link to this one. Hmm…I need to suggest that. Maybe get an RSS feed set up.

Okay, so new music diffusion. I’m gonna make a generality here, one which I know is not true for a lot of people, but for the majority it seems to be the case based on my experience as a member of Antioch. Most, but not all, of the church seems to favor christian music on the level of contemporary accoustic artists or just praise/worship. Nothing wrong with that. Most of it would bore me to tears, but that’s just my taste. I can say that because I have TRIED it. I gave it a shot. So rewind a couple of years. The dance team performs, during Dwelling Place, a dance to a song by the Grits, “Ooh Aah”. Darn good song, no doubt about it. But suddenly it is the most overplayed song ever. Juarez dance teams used it, it gets played during DP all the time, back when lifegroup was held at my apartment, I’d play some music in the background until we got started. One day I get some other Grits songs going, and they ask me to play “Ooh Aah”. REPEATEDLY. Sigh.

Fast Forward to more recently. Scene is once again Dwelling Place. Dance Team, again. This time in anticipation of LeCrae’s first performance at the Church’s urban ministry night. Everyone’s goin’ nuts about LeCrae. Not that I can blame them, man’s got talent. Fast forward to this weekend. He’s back, and once again, it’s all anyone talks about. Interesting conversation comes up between me and Ashlie Kaim. She says something to the effect of how she’d never really gotten into this kind of music cause she’s been “overdoing the Shane and Shane”. Cue the Bmatt. I encourage her to expand her musical horizons, because there’s absolutely zero point to sticking with the same thing over and over again. There is plenty of other genres with Godly men and women performing that could just as easily edify, encourage, teach you. Sure, it might be a little outside your comfort. But newsflash people, comfort zones are the reason evangelical churches are so often, well, not evangelical. Ask my man David about my reaction the first time he tried to get me to listen to Demon Hunter. Or He is Legend. It will take some getting used to, but you might just find out you enjoy it. If you want ideas, I suggest you email me. I’m all too happy to do it.

Finally, Happy Halloween to everyone. Be in prayer for the teams goin out on the streets to just talk to people and share the Truth. Call it what you want, pagan holiday that we should shun or fun night to dress up in goofy costumes and get free candy, but the people are out there and we might as well just talk to em, yeah? Also, be in prayer for the families out there, for safety. Later!

    • kelley-kel-kel
    • November 1st, 2006

    Hey! Antioch sermons ARE online! they have been since the beginning of summer…or longer!

    • BMatt
    • November 2nd, 2006

    Whaaaaaaaa? Why the heck don’t they advertise that? And is there an RSS feed?

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