A new recipe!

I have found a recipe for awesomeness.

Take 1 MP3 Player (in my case me iPod)

Add your favorite tracks from the following albums to a new playlist

Becoming the Archetype – “Terminate Damnation”
Demon Hunter – “Summer of Darkness”
Demon Hunter – “The Tryptich”
Flatfoot 56 – “Knuckles Up”
Kutless – “Hearts of the Innocent”
Kutless – “Sea of Faces”
Kutless – “Kutless”
Pillar – “The Reckoning”
Pillar – “Where Do We Go From Here”
Pillar – “Fireproof”
Project 86 – “…And the Rest Will Follow”
Project 86 – “Songs to Burn Your Bridges By”
Project 86 – “Truthless Heroes”
Showbread – “No Sir, Nihilism is Not Practical”
Skillet – “Comatose”
Skillet – “Collide”
Thousand Foot Krutch – “The Art of Breaking”
Thousand Foot Krutch – “Phenomenon”

Turn the Shuffle setting on. Then Enjoy. Serves many.

Future servings may also include a dash of Red, Decyfer Down, more Showbread, or possibly some He is Legend!

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