Our Gubernatorial Candidates quickly compared.

Bear this in mind when you vote today

Rick Perry, our current governor, supports the usual range of Republican issues. http://www.rickperry.org/issues/ His major downfall in my eyes is his support of the Trans Texas Corridor, a massive highway system along I-35 which raises far too many issues relating to border security and government taking of private land (known in PC language as “Eminent Domain”). I find it really hard to cast my vote for this. Also Perry has had a history of talking big about border security and doing little or nothing in reality. His website shows little or no true promise to fix this and go after illegal alien employers.

Chris Bell, the Democrat candidate, is running under the auspices of a Godless joke of a party, and his website (http://www.chrisbell.com) comes up with a HTML 403 error (forbidden) so apparently he doesn’t want to show what his stance on important issues are.

Independent Candidate Kinky Friedman might seem like a great viable alternative to the two established political parties whom we’ve had to deal with for years, but per his website (http://www.kinkyfriedman.com/issues/) Kinky is Pro-Abortion, pro-Stem Cell research, and Pro-Gay Marriage. To his credit, he opposes the Trans-Texas Corridor, supports the 2nd Amendment, is in favor of increasing funds to teachers and schools (via legalizing casino gambling), and against eliminating prayer in schools, though as a caveat he supports only non-denominational prayers. He has plans to increase border security, in Texas alone and via coordinated efforts with the governors of Arizona and New Mexico.

Carole Keeton Strayhorn, the other primary independent, and the “One Tough Grandma” from her ads, supports the following, according to her website (http://www.carolestrayhorn.com/Issues/): Securing Texas infrastructure (including borders and ports) from Terrorism and illegal immigration coordinated under the Texas Rangers, making the Children’s Health Insurance Program available to more children, life sentences for Child Predators, revamping the Texas foster care system, a Constitutional Amendment to protect private property from Eminent Domain (and thus opposes the Trans Texas Corridor), and property tax relief. She also wants to repeal the huge income tax increase known as HB 3.

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