And now…sophomoric humor!

I apologize in advance for this.

I totally just realized something rather funny about the word “Saturday”.

I noticed this when during a period in between the madness of sending out numerous Request for Quotes, answering the metric ton of email I have, and writing up Purchase Orders, I started doodling on my desk calendar. I started coloring in the letters of “Saturday” because they’re in white text on black background.

Being me, I used a weird pattern. I colored in the S, then the y, then the a, then the other a.

Leaving my desktop calendar proudly displaying the last day of every week as “turd”.

I swear, I almost feel sorry for myself for laughing at that for as long as I did.

Those of you rolling your eyes, groaning, and questioning your lost time reading this, YOU WERE WARNED!

Bmatt out.

    • Anonymous
    • November 11th, 2006

    Your crazy! And to think you were being paid to doodle that.

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