He’s back

So I get home from work tonight, change clothes, put up all my stuff from work, and I’m tryin to kill a little time, so I log into WoW.

First thing I usually do is pull up my friends list and see who’s online. So I do. My thought process was something like this.

“Hmmmm…okay, Akin’s on, playing his hunter, there’s Andy, he must be playing before he has to get to work, couple of other guild members….Kish???”

“What the….why is Kish online?”

I’m rather confused at this point, because Kish is a level 60 Troll hunter, who happens to be played by a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen, or heard from, in a while, in real life or the game.

So I’m somewhat confused and not expecting him to be on. So I talk to Akin….the convo went something like this

Me: “Dude, Kish is online. Did he come back?”
Akin: “No…I think he sold his account, he was talking about wanting to”
Me: “Aaah, well, that explains why he’s in some random guild….startled me”

*few minutes pass by*

Akin: “It’s Jeff!!”

That’s right. Kish’s player is one Jeff Deonarine. And he is back. And come the spring semester, he’ll be back in Waco.

Holy freakin’ crap.

So the three of us start playing….we duel each other, Jeff’s still got a lot of his old skills. Then we pop into a battleground, and we own it up like crazy. It was greatness.

Oh man. This changes a lot of things. w00t.

Jeff’s back. And it’s gonna be fun. Semper Fi, bro. We missed ya.

    • chris
    • November 28th, 2006

    yay jeff!

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