All I want for Christmas is my two front geek.

Now I know what you’re thinking to yourselves.

You’re thinkin’ “Self, I have no earthly idea what in the world to get the Bmatt for Christmas”.

Fortunately, as was already implied, I knew you were thinkin’ that. So I’m here to help you out with these handy wishlists.

First up is a list of apparel from Jinx makes some darn fine geeky T-Shirts. You might never want to be caught dead in them, but some of us embrace our nerdhood! Now Click Right Here to see em!

Second up is some general gadgets and posters from Thinkgeek which would also be very useful to me in one way or another. I suggest you also browse this place, you might find something extraordinarily useful to you! Now make with the Clicking!

Finally, for those of you who aren’t much into shopping online, I have a list compiled from of stuff which is availible in commercial outlets as well. Some CDs, some DVDs, and a few PS2 and PC games. All good stuff, all stuff you can go to your nearby Best Buy (or Mardel in the case of the CDs) and grab right away. Click that button down there to see it.

My Wish List

    • godzwarrior
    • November 22nd, 2006

    why o why in the world (of warcraft) would u want Snakes on a Plane!?!? it was almost universally agreed to b the worst movie of the year!!!!!

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