Where in the World is Bmatt Sandiego?

Have I seriously gone a week without updating my blog? What the crap? What’s wrong with me??

5-day weekend and I can’t find the time to update. What the heck was I doing with all my spare time? Hmmm…*thinks*

*Remembers hanging out with the Butler family and Holland (who is technically part of that family, or will be sometime soon I reckon) Wednesday evening building Lego Castles, watching the Da Vinci Code, and in general just being goofy and having fun, after poor David had hernia surgery. Also Holland threw lego pieces at me and tried to eat David’s arm*

*Remembers Thanksgiving the next day, spent eating at a restaraunt, which was pretty tasty, then over at a cousin’s house watching an awesome Cowboys game, in which Dallas melted some serious Tampa Bay faces, and eating some delicious little mini pigs in a blanket*

*Remembers taking an awesome picture which can be seen on Facebook at David’s place the next night, and then spending an awesome evening with Kat, Heather, and their Dad at Main Event and dinner at Fuddruckers, which included totally pwning Kat at DDR. Of course, it was on beginner mode, but I STILL WON DANGIT*

*Remembers going out shopping with Mom on Saturday after putting up our awesome Christmas tree, with awesome gold lights and gold and red ornaments, pictures of which shall be forthcoming*

*Remembers going to church today (THOUGH NO ONE ELSE WAS THERE *cry*), ironing work clothes for next week, and cleaning house a little bit. Yeah, I can iron if I need to. Not too good as far as dress slacks go, but I can manage shirts just fine. At least, I hope so.*

*Remembers all the things done in between there, including lots of World of Warcraft (Grothi, my druid, is up to level 44, w00t), music listenings, and other various madness*

Oh. Guess that answers that. Night gang. Gotta go back to work or something in the morning.

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