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Good video games simply make me happy.

I would simply like to point out that Half-Life 2, and the first of three expansions, called simply Half-Life 2: Episode 1, are FREAKING AWESOME.

Maybe I’m simply behind in having gotten to play these on account of not having a computer capable of running them (up until now of course), but holy crap, these two games are brilliant. Good story, the graphics are incredible, the level design is awesome, and the enemies…these games give you some very memorable encounters which range from giant 3-legged monsters with powerful guns that you alternate gazing at them in awe and ducking to avoid the stream of death heading at you, to pitch-black underground rooms where you get swarmed by zombies screaming in agony as they try to kill you, to swarms of insect-like creatures that overwhelm you unless you run from them, only later to get a weapon that allows you to CONTROL them.

Gaaaah. I cannot WAIT for Episode Two. It’s going to be awesome.

EDIT: Have some Christmas present pics.


Teh obligatory Post-Christmas post! (ooh redundancy!)

Greetings to you, one and all, and I hope you have had a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to an excellent New Year’s celebration!

Clearly, I have had a very busy one, it’s been a week since I updated this darn thing. I’m slipping. It’s happened before, and it probably won’t be the last time.

I spent Christmas Eve and Day at my Nan’s house (for those of you who haven’t yet caught on to this, Nan is the name I call my grandmother). Eve saw the whole huge entire extended family of massiveness there, whilst Day was only the immediate family. We did the usual Christmas story and white elephant gift exchange on Eve, though this year we did something different, rather than split it up into Men’s and Women’s gifts, and have actual stuff people could use and enjoy, they decided to combine it into “one gift per family” and have it composed of funny/gag type gifts, and at the end we’d vote on what was the funniest.

There are two problems I spotted right away with this. One, some people have very different ideas on what is “funny” and Two, I forsee many of the items given out returning next year. Personally, well, most of you know my opinion on messing with Holiday traditions. If you don’t, here it is: I hate it, don’t do it, and if you ask me how I feel about doing it I’m going to be honest and not hold back about it. The elders in my family felt that the whole original idea was making people too “greedy” and hurting feelings, and that this was a reasonable solution to curb that. Okay, I can understand that. But frankly, if people are getting GREEDY over this, then you need to let God deal with that, and not try to provide your own solution. He knows our hearts far better than you, and some of us really enjoy giving and receiving cool stuff that you never would have even thought of otherwise.

Meh, that’s that, done and over with. Moving on. Rather than starting off with all the cool stuff I got this year, I’ll start off with what I gave other people. What my immediate family does, we each draw names to give to, so everyone in the family gets something from someone else. Somehow I ended up with Mom. Helped me considerably cause I already was gonna buy something for her anyway! I got Mom a new dryer (early Christmas present as ours finally broke after years), some new Pajamas, a new Sweater, a bluetooth headset for her cell phone, and….something else, I know it. My fabled crappy memory has risen again!! WOOOOO! Oh right, a new leather jacket! There it goes. Aighty.

My man David gonna be lookin’ awesome when he starts working soon, cause I got him a giftcard to Kohls so he can get some new threads. Hey Holland? Kidnap him and use it to great effect! I know he’s down there with you!!

I can’t talk about what I got Josh, Kat, or my Dad and his family, cause, well, I haven’t given them their gifts yet! And they could be reading this!

Now, onto what I got. Thankfully, the wish lists I provided were very well taken advantage of. First up, these two shirts!
Green Linen Shirt! Requires Level 5!
For the Horde!!

And while Mom was perusing the lovely, she found this new hat for me!

I had Half-Life 2: Game of the Year Edition on my wish list, but Mom did one better with this little collection. Half-Life 1, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, and Counterstrike: Source all on one DVD. Gaming awesomeness.

I also now posess the DVD collection of the best Sci-Fi TV show that never should have been canceled, Firefly! Come on over and we’ll watch a couple of episodes.

Uncle Mike drew my name in the aformentioned gift exchange, and he got me both Pirates of the Carribean movies.

Rex and Margie were kind enough to replace my lost copy of Wild at Heart, a book I continually and always recommend, both for men and women, even though it’s about what has happened to us guys and how God can fix it.

That’s about it for now folks. Look forward to catchin’ up with all my Waco peeps when ya’ll get back. Me, I got about another week off from work, so if you’re in my neighborhood, gimme a yell. Later!

Holiday in the Park and a special first look at what’s coming your way!!

Wow, have I gone a week without blogging? Sorry readers, I know you need your Bmatt fix. Well, here it comes. 100% grade A Private School, Pyromaniacal, Dork Lord of the Sith, crazy mad style!

Aight, so what I been up to. Well, on Thursday, I had me some dinner with Kathryn, which is significant for 2 reasons, number one she’s like one of my best and oldest friends, and 2, we ate Pappasitos fajitas, which are the best restaraunt fajitas I think I’ve had ever. We had a long talk about relationships. Why is that significant? Heh, go ask her. Not for me to say. All in all, very good times.

This weekened I got my Christmas shopping almost done, in fact I just lack one present to buy, so that’s good. Mom and I also went to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags this past Sunday. It was fun. Here’s some pictures of the festivities

Finally, there’s this little interesting tidbit…

Brandon Matthews.

You’ve seen him in such classics as “Babyface”…

and the summer blockbuster “A Goatee to Remember”

Now….are you ready for this Holiday Season’s greatest hit…Audiences and coworkers agree, it’s a must see for Christmas….Some guy down the street said it looked pretty cool…See Brandon Matthews in


You are not ready….

Lessons in Gift Wrap and a quick comic recap.

I learned 2 very important lessons when buying wrapping paper for Christmas presents this weekend.

1. Always pay attention to what it is you’re getting.

2. Never ever buy wrapping paper at Walgreens.

So obviously, we went to Walgreens first. We found some nifty gold paper that looked nice, and matched our tree decorating motif to boot. It was priced 3 for $10. Now, it looked like some pretty nice paper, so I guess we thought that was just what paper went for. So we got 3 rolls of the stuff, figuring that would be enough to wrap all our presents and have lots left over. We get tags, tissue paper, a bag of bows, the usuals, we pay, we go home and start wrapping.

The first gift we wrapped, we put in a larger box, cause it was a little too bulky to fit in the normal boxes we have. Our first clue that something was wrong with the paper we bought was when we used an ENTIRE ROLL to wrap that one box. It was then we realized we paid $10 for 3 rolls of paper that had 10 square feet a roll.

We had JUST ENOUGH to wrap the few presents we had bought. And there you have lesson 1

Later on, we went to home depot to get a new light fixture covering for the kitchen, and on the way out, we saw some wrapping paper, so we took a look at it.

We found, for $2.99, a roll of 65 square feet.

30 square feet for $10.
65 sqaure feet for $3.

There you have Lesson 2.

So I made a run to the comic store today, picked up four new issues.

Legacy #6 was very good. I like how it’s developing, how Cade Skywalker has finally been found out, and there’s hints of a pretty deep connection between him and Princess Marasiah Fel. If my suspicions are correct and the Princess is actually a descendant of Jaina Solo and Jag Fel, that makes them of the same bloodline, Cade the descendant of Luke, Marasiah of Leia. Very cool stuff, and the new Sith are fascinating. I’m reallly wondering who Darth Krayt actually is, because they’ve hinted at him having been around in the EU for a while. Most believe he’s actually a long -lived Jacen Solo, but I don’t buy it, mostly because I don’t think the Legacy book series will end with him being still a Sith.

Knights of the Old Republic #10 was also very good, a little cat and mouse deception by the heroes to rescue Jarael from the Mandalorians. I really want to learn more about what the Jedi Covenant is planning to do next, and if the constant rumors going around about some of the members turning out to actually be the Sith Lords from the KOTOR 2 video game turn out to be true, but mostly I just want to see the next chapter of their hunt for Zayne, because watching a Jedi Padawan and his fringe friends avoid a renegade group of Jedi who framed him for murder has been extremely fun to read so far.

Rebellion #5 FINALLY CAME OUT after a metric ton of delays (#4 was released in JULY) and it wrapped up a nice little story arc. A friend of Luke’s from Tatooine who became an Imperial officer now knows him to be a Rebel hero and is torn between his friendship, his duty to the Empire, and his concerns that the Empire is no longer the honorable government and military he thought it was. I really hope they stick to his story in coming issues, because Sunber is far too interesting of a character to just drop like that. Unless they’re going to have more delays, then I’m just going to get sick of it.

And finally, Star Wars: Dark Times #1 is out. It’s the direct sequel to Republic, taking place right after the events of Episode III. Palpatine is now Emperor, most of the Jedi are dead or in hiding, etc. This issue revolves around former Jedi General Dass Jennir and the his Nosaurian ally Bomo Greenbark and their adventures in trying to survive after the Empire puts down the Nosaurian insurrection on their homeworld of New Plympto. It’s very good, a good start to the series, though I’d hoped that it would focus more on Republic major character Quinlan Vos. Perhaps it will later.

Aighty, goin to eat mah pizza now. Later folks.

Random Singing – Episode 1

Sometimes you just need to sing along to a good song. So here you go. Lyrics and even a video to watch/listen provided. Enjoy yourselves!

Music video: Make with the clicking already!

“Hardware Store” – Weird Al Yankovic

Nothin’ ever (ever) happens in this town
Feelin’ low down (down), not a lot to do around here
I thought that I would go right outta my mind
Until a friend told me the news

He said, “(Hey), you know that vacant lot
Right beside the gas station? Well, somebody bought it
And on the spot they’re gonna build a shop
Where we can go buy bolts and screws”

Since then I’ve been walking on air (air)
I can barely brush my teeth or comb my hair
‘Cause I’m so excited and I really don’t care
I’ve been waiting since last June

For this day to finally arrive
I’m so happy (happy) now just to be alive
‘Cause any minute now I’m gonna be inside
Well, I hope they open soon

I can’t wait no, (no I) I can’t wait (oh when)
When they gonna open up that door?
I’m goin’ (yes I’m) goin’, I’m a-goin’ to the
Goin’ to the (hard) ware I’m goin’, really goin’ to the
Goin’ (hard) I’m goin’ to the (hard) oh yes, I’m goin’ to the
Hardware store

In my sleeping bag I camped out overnight
Right in front of the store, then as soon as it was light out
I pressed my nose right up against the glass
You know, I had to be first in line

Gonna get me a flashlight and a broom
Want a pair of pliers for every single room in my house
See those hacksaws? Very, very soon
One of them will be all mine

Guys with nametags walking down the aisles
Rows of garden hoses that go on for miles and miles
Brand new socket wrenches in a plethora of styles
All arranged alphabetically

And they’re doing a promotional stunt
There’s a great big purple sign out front
That says every 27th customer
Will get a ball peen hammer free

I can’t wait no, (no I) I can’t wait (oh when)
When are they gonna open up that door?
I’m goin’ (yes I’m) goin’, I’m a-goin’ to the
Goin’ to the (hard) ware I’m goin’, really goin’ to the
Goin’ (hard) I’m goin’ to the (hard) oh yes, I’m goin’ to the
Hardware store

I’m goin’ (yes I’m) goin’, I’m a-goin’ to the
Goin’ to the (hard) ware I’m goin’, really goin’ to the
Goin’ (hard) I’m goin’ to the (hard) oh yes, I’m goin’ to the
Hardware store

*sigh*…Would you look at all that stuff …
They’ve got allen wrenches, gerbil feeders, toilet seats, electric heaters
Trash compactors, juice extractor, shower rods and water meters
Walkie-talkies, copper wires safety goggles, radial tires
BB pellets, rubber mallets, fans and dehumidifiers
Picture hangers, paper cutters, waffle irons, window shutters
Paint removers, window louvers, masking tape and plastic gutters
Kitchen faucets, folding tables, weather stripping, jumper cables
Hooks and tackle, grout and spackle, power foggers, spoons and ladles
Pesticides for fumigation, high-performance lubrication
Metal roofing, water proofing, multi-purpose insulation
Air compressors, brass connectors, wrecking chisels, smoke detectors
Tire gauges, hamster cages, thermostats and bug deflectors
Trailer hitch demagnetizers, automatic circumcisers
Tennis rackets, angle brackets, Duracells and Energizers
Soffit panels, circuit breakers, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers
Calculators, generators, matching salt and pepper shakers

I can’t wait no, (no I) I can’t wait (oh when)
When are they gonna open up that door?
I’m goin’ (yes I’m) goin’, I’m a-goin’ to the
Goin’ to the (hard) ware I’m goin’, really goin’ to the
Goin’ (hard) I’m goin’ to the (hard) oh yes, I’m goin’ to the
Hardware store

I’m goin’ (yes I’m) goin’, I’m a-goin’ to the
Goin’ to the (hard) ware I’m goin’, really goin’ to the
Goin’ (hard) I’m goin’ to the (hard) oh yes, I’m goin’ to the
Hardware store

I’m goin’ (yes I’m) goin’, I’m a-goin’ to the
Goin’ to the (hard) ware I’m goin’, really goin’ to the
Goin’ (hard) I’m goin’ to the (hard) oh yes, I’m goin’ to the
Hardware store

New MMORPG Computer game: $40

Monthly fee to play said MMORPG Computer game: $15

Conjuring up a magical dragon head to spew flames upon your enemies: Priceless

There are some things money can buy. For everything else, there’s my fire mage ready and willing to melt your face.

Unlikely Things happen when you rant in your blog before consulting your friends

So, it appears one of two things has happened to me. Either we have confirmation that I do not possess the spiritual gift of prophecy, or I DO have it, but it’s just a really weird variant of it.

I know, I know, “What the hell are you talking about, Brandon?”

You recall in my previous entry how I mentioned that I probably wouldn’t see my friends in Waco again until after Christmas? Yeah, about a half hour after I posted that, I got a call from Josh. Went something like this.

Josh: “Hey Brandon! Are you coming down this weekend?”
Me: “Um….no, wasn’t planning on it”
Josh: “Well, you are now. Come on!”
Me: “Uh….okay!”

So yeah, after work, packed up my bag, bought a few Weird Al songs off of iTunes, burned em to a CD, and headed out the door for another fun weekend in Waco. Ended up seeing Happy Feet on Friday night. It was actually a very funny and cute movie, even though the latter part of it started to sound like environmentalist indoctrination and left some ugly plotholes to get that point across. The cast was great, especially Robin Williams, who provided some of the best laughs in the whole flick. Overall, not a bad movie by any means, but it could have ended a lot better.

Saturday I hung out with Chris Stone all morning and afternoon, which was fun. I had to steal his pillow to wake him up though. He got most of his Christmas shopping done. I helped him pick out a present for Kelley. Can’t say anything else, because they both read this and it’ll spoil the surprise. Plus Chris will kill me. And eat my pancreas. And if I’m really lucky, he’ll do it in that order. Chris wanted to rent a movie, so we got Walk the Line, which I had already seen, but I liked it, and it was too cold to go out again. Kelley made fun of me for looking Cash up on Wikipedia during the credits just so I could see how many albums the guy released. Is that too nerdy? I don’t think it’s that bad to want to learn more about a guy you’re watching a film biography of! Maybe I’m wrong, what do you guys think?

Me, Smith, and Josh went and hung out with Gino later that night. Smith beat Josh up in a wrestling match that broke out, though Josh will never admit it. It was actually fairly amusing, because we were all hanging out in a very small and messy room and we had to repeatedly move the space heater (it was freaking COLD all weekend) because they kept nearly landing on it or knocking it over. Gino nicknamed the thing Artoo, because, well, he’s Gino and that’s reason enough. I supposed it looked vaguely like the popular little droid.

At any rate, Josh, you got whooped. It’s in my blog now, so that totally legitimizes your loss. While I’m at it, I would like to declare my months earlier defeat of Chris at our old house legitimized as well. Moving on!

Sunday night I spent a fun afternoon hanging out at Akin’s place. I met his friend Kas, who beat him up with a boxing glove and accidentally broke his phone by throwing it at him. You might call her slightly violent, but he definitely deserved it. I also might have helped her slightly by holding him in a headlock. Reports coming out of that area are still vague. In between all the violence, and Bisade and Koton showing up, we watched Cars, which I had never seen before and greatly enjoyed. One of the best Disney/Pixar films. Actually, I don’t think there’s been a “bad one” yet, but you get the idea. Great movie.

All in all, a fun weekend. Unfortunately, the week has cycled around again and now I have to be working. Lame. Thanks for having me everyone. Good luck on finals, travel safely, and Merry Christmas!

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All I got for this day. End Transmission.