Snow Day!!

Holy freaking crap, when did it get so cold around here?

Yesterday WE HAD SNOW! We NEVER get snow in this blasted state! Roads were icy, our yard was covered in a slight blanket of the stuff, our cars were covered in a substantially thicker blanket, and it was freezing ALL DAY.

It was glorious! I loved it! The road conditions were so bad that I didn’t feel I could safely make it to work, an opinion apparently a lot of people shared. So home I stayed. Mom actually didn’t go in either, they shut down the night trucks at Coors, so she didn’t have to go in, which made her feel very relieved.

I was starting to get cabin fever after a while, though. But I got a lot of good playtime in on WoW, thanks to the help of David and Akin, who were kind enough to offer their time to aid me. Much love, bros. Got to talk to Jeff again, which is always fun. Love that guy so much.

Oooh, here’s another funny story relating to it. Wednesday night I was just messing around in the game, and two guys from my guild who I don’t know in real life asked me to come on our voice chat server so we could just yak, shoot the breeze, what have you. Well, somehow we got to the point of playing music for each other, which was pretty cool. At one point, when it came around to my turn, I was searching through my collection and jokingly suggested Beethoven’s 5th. This was met with enthusiasm from the guys, something I did not expect. So I started playing it. While sharing that, I began looking for what to play next when my turn came around again….and that’s when I formulated a plan most evil.

Midway through the symphony, I quickly switched over to playing Becoming the Archetype’s “Into Oblivion”.

Now, if you’ve never heard that song, it’s a metal song, it starts off with a very deep scream, pounding drums and guitars, in general a very marked contrast to Beethoven.

And it made ‘em jump. Heh heh….the next minute or so, the server was lit up with obscenities, swearing, and surprised yelps. Not to mention me laughing like crazy. It was great. Hope we do this again sometime, because I am so going to do it to them again. Nobody had anything bad to say about the song, other than the freakout I pulled, so hopefully they enjoyed it when they calmed down. It’s one of my favorites.

Anyway, when I get home I’ll get the photos of the winter wonderland posted.

Looks like finals start this Thursday for my Waco peoples, and since I don’t want to be a bother to you guys during that weekend when you’re taking and/or studying for em, I guess I’ll see ya’ll after Christmas break! So have a merry one, and be safe traveling.

As for the rest of you who are in fact heading BACK here after finals, lookin’ forward to seeing ya’ll again.

End Transmission.

    • The Sojourner
    • December 2nd, 2006

    you mean in this PART of the state. I happen to know that amarillo and lubbock (and the entire panhandle) gets snow almost yearly. But it’s true…. dallas, e-land, waco… freezing rain or sleet generally. Oh Well!

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