Unlikely Things happen when you rant in your blog before consulting your friends

So, it appears one of two things has happened to me. Either we have confirmation that I do not possess the spiritual gift of prophecy, or I DO have it, but it’s just a really weird variant of it.

I know, I know, “What the hell are you talking about, Brandon?”

You recall in my previous entry how I mentioned that I probably wouldn’t see my friends in Waco again until after Christmas? Yeah, about a half hour after I posted that, I got a call from Josh. Went something like this.

Josh: “Hey Brandon! Are you coming down this weekend?”
Me: “Um….no, wasn’t planning on it”
Josh: “Well, you are now. Come on!”
Me: “Uh….okay!”

So yeah, after work, packed up my bag, bought a few Weird Al songs off of iTunes, burned em to a CD, and headed out the door for another fun weekend in Waco. Ended up seeing Happy Feet on Friday night. It was actually a very funny and cute movie, even though the latter part of it started to sound like environmentalist indoctrination and left some ugly plotholes to get that point across. The cast was great, especially Robin Williams, who provided some of the best laughs in the whole flick. Overall, not a bad movie by any means, but it could have ended a lot better.

Saturday I hung out with Chris Stone all morning and afternoon, which was fun. I had to steal his pillow to wake him up though. He got most of his Christmas shopping done. I helped him pick out a present for Kelley. Can’t say anything else, because they both read this and it’ll spoil the surprise. Plus Chris will kill me. And eat my pancreas. And if I’m really lucky, he’ll do it in that order. Chris wanted to rent a movie, so we got Walk the Line, which I had already seen, but I liked it, and it was too cold to go out again. Kelley made fun of me for looking Cash up on Wikipedia during the credits just so I could see how many albums the guy released. Is that too nerdy? I don’t think it’s that bad to want to learn more about a guy you’re watching a film biography of! Maybe I’m wrong, what do you guys think?

Me, Smith, and Josh went and hung out with Gino later that night. Smith beat Josh up in a wrestling match that broke out, though Josh will never admit it. It was actually fairly amusing, because we were all hanging out in a very small and messy room and we had to repeatedly move the space heater (it was freaking COLD all weekend) because they kept nearly landing on it or knocking it over. Gino nicknamed the thing Artoo, because, well, he’s Gino and that’s reason enough. I supposed it looked vaguely like the popular little droid.

At any rate, Josh, you got whooped. It’s in my blog now, so that totally legitimizes your loss. While I’m at it, I would like to declare my months earlier defeat of Chris at our old house legitimized as well. Moving on!

Sunday night I spent a fun afternoon hanging out at Akin’s place. I met his friend Kas, who beat him up with a boxing glove and accidentally broke his phone by throwing it at him. You might call her slightly violent, but he definitely deserved it. I also might have helped her slightly by holding him in a headlock. Reports coming out of that area are still vague. In between all the violence, and Bisade and Koton showing up, we watched Cars, which I had never seen before and greatly enjoyed. One of the best Disney/Pixar films. Actually, I don’t think there’s been a “bad one” yet, but you get the idea. Great movie.

All in all, a fun weekend. Unfortunately, the week has cycled around again and now I have to be working. Lame. Thanks for having me everyone. Good luck on finals, travel safely, and Merry Christmas!

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All I got for this day. End Transmission.

    • chris
    • December 4th, 2006

    glad ya had fun. for more fun check this out:http://hotair.com/archives/2006/12/04/video-the-littlest-moonbat/get ready to barf a little bit.

    • The Sojourner
    • December 5th, 2006

    sadness…I think i either didn’t know you were in or missed the memo… either way, I was here, and missed seeing you around (kinda sad about that!) Any wayz….have fun

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