Lessons in Gift Wrap and a quick comic recap.

I learned 2 very important lessons when buying wrapping paper for Christmas presents this weekend.

1. Always pay attention to what it is you’re getting.

2. Never ever buy wrapping paper at Walgreens.

So obviously, we went to Walgreens first. We found some nifty gold paper that looked nice, and matched our tree decorating motif to boot. It was priced 3 for $10. Now, it looked like some pretty nice paper, so I guess we thought that was just what paper went for. So we got 3 rolls of the stuff, figuring that would be enough to wrap all our presents and have lots left over. We get tags, tissue paper, a bag of bows, the usuals, we pay, we go home and start wrapping.

The first gift we wrapped, we put in a larger box, cause it was a little too bulky to fit in the normal boxes we have. Our first clue that something was wrong with the paper we bought was when we used an ENTIRE ROLL to wrap that one box. It was then we realized we paid $10 for 3 rolls of paper that had 10 square feet a roll.

We had JUST ENOUGH to wrap the few presents we had bought. And there you have lesson 1

Later on, we went to home depot to get a new light fixture covering for the kitchen, and on the way out, we saw some wrapping paper, so we took a look at it.

We found, for $2.99, a roll of 65 square feet.

30 square feet for $10.
65 sqaure feet for $3.

There you have Lesson 2.

So I made a run to the comic store today, picked up four new issues.

Legacy #6 was very good. I like how it’s developing, how Cade Skywalker has finally been found out, and there’s hints of a pretty deep connection between him and Princess Marasiah Fel. If my suspicions are correct and the Princess is actually a descendant of Jaina Solo and Jag Fel, that makes them of the same bloodline, Cade the descendant of Luke, Marasiah of Leia. Very cool stuff, and the new Sith are fascinating. I’m reallly wondering who Darth Krayt actually is, because they’ve hinted at him having been around in the EU for a while. Most believe he’s actually a long -lived Jacen Solo, but I don’t buy it, mostly because I don’t think the Legacy book series will end with him being still a Sith.

Knights of the Old Republic #10 was also very good, a little cat and mouse deception by the heroes to rescue Jarael from the Mandalorians. I really want to learn more about what the Jedi Covenant is planning to do next, and if the constant rumors going around about some of the members turning out to actually be the Sith Lords from the KOTOR 2 video game turn out to be true, but mostly I just want to see the next chapter of their hunt for Zayne, because watching a Jedi Padawan and his fringe friends avoid a renegade group of Jedi who framed him for murder has been extremely fun to read so far.

Rebellion #5 FINALLY CAME OUT after a metric ton of delays (#4 was released in JULY) and it wrapped up a nice little story arc. A friend of Luke’s from Tatooine who became an Imperial officer now knows him to be a Rebel hero and is torn between his friendship, his duty to the Empire, and his concerns that the Empire is no longer the honorable government and military he thought it was. I really hope they stick to his story in coming issues, because Sunber is far too interesting of a character to just drop like that. Unless they’re going to have more delays, then I’m just going to get sick of it.

And finally, Star Wars: Dark Times #1 is out. It’s the direct sequel to Republic, taking place right after the events of Episode III. Palpatine is now Emperor, most of the Jedi are dead or in hiding, etc. This issue revolves around former Jedi General Dass Jennir and the his Nosaurian ally Bomo Greenbark and their adventures in trying to survive after the Empire puts down the Nosaurian insurrection on their homeworld of New Plympto. It’s very good, a good start to the series, though I’d hoped that it would focus more on Republic major character Quinlan Vos. Perhaps it will later.

Aighty, goin to eat mah pizza now. Later folks.

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