Holiday in the Park and a special first look at what’s coming your way!!

Wow, have I gone a week without blogging? Sorry readers, I know you need your Bmatt fix. Well, here it comes. 100% grade A Private School, Pyromaniacal, Dork Lord of the Sith, crazy mad style!

Aight, so what I been up to. Well, on Thursday, I had me some dinner with Kathryn, which is significant for 2 reasons, number one she’s like one of my best and oldest friends, and 2, we ate Pappasitos fajitas, which are the best restaraunt fajitas I think I’ve had ever. We had a long talk about relationships. Why is that significant? Heh, go ask her. Not for me to say. All in all, very good times.

This weekened I got my Christmas shopping almost done, in fact I just lack one present to buy, so that’s good. Mom and I also went to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags this past Sunday. It was fun. Here’s some pictures of the festivities

Finally, there’s this little interesting tidbit…

Brandon Matthews.

You’ve seen him in such classics as “Babyface”…

and the summer blockbuster “A Goatee to Remember”

Now….are you ready for this Holiday Season’s greatest hit…Audiences and coworkers agree, it’s a must see for Christmas….Some guy down the street said it looked pretty cool…See Brandon Matthews in


You are not ready….

    • chris
    • December 19th, 2006

    hey guess what. i have a beard now too. isn’t that amazing.

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