Happy New Year

2006 is come and gone. May 2007 bring you all joy, happiness, prosperity, and closer ever more to Jesus Christ and the Father.

I spent the day with Kat and her family, since it was her birthday and all. Met her new boyfriend, one Jo(h)n Morgan (hope I spelled that right) as well. Very cool guy. We all went to Dave and Busters for some good lunch and good arcade fun. I embarrassed the crap out of myself by handing Heather 4 points in air hockey. I ate a massive double cheeseburger and some delicious cheesecake for desert. We all ended up with a bunch of tickets which we redeemed for some nifty prizes. The girls got some cool glasses (the drinking kind, not the seeing) among other things (like Heather’s new pepper grinder). Mine…well…I’ll show that to you later in picture form. You’ll either think it’s awesome or you’ll groan, depends. After that, we headed back to Kat’s for cake (an ice cream cake from Cold Stone creamery, HIGHLY RECOMMEND for the record) and her presents. Got her a copy of Wild at Heart for Christmas and a gift card to Mardel’s for her birthday. She got me an awesome lookin’ long sleeve shirt for Christmas. She also ended up with vast amounts of Play-dough and a chicken hat for her birthday. Yeah, a chicken hat. I really wish my pictures turned out better, because that really just needs to be seen to believe it. Hilarious.

Low-key New Year’s Eve, Mom and I made some queso and watched a little of Dick Clark’s NY Eve. Poor guy. He has to really struggle to be understood now, after he’s had his stroke.

Well, tomorrow (rather later today) I’m supposedly meeting up with Josh and Richard before the former heads back to Waco (with his fiance Angie too I believe), so I need to get some sleep. Back to my normal work schedule after that. Later gang, and good night.

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