Insert Witty Title Here

So what’s new in Waco these days…

Chris Stone and Kelley Lankford are engaged. Mucho congratulations once again to the two of you.

Josh now has access to the Internet courtesy of the USB wireless adaptor I got him for Christmas.

Cassaundra no longer works at Hastings (and I never got the chance to mooch off her employee discount!)

Kwil is still crazy.

I didn’t get to see Ashlie Kaim, Andy Nance (again), Gino, or the now-back-in-town Jeff Deonarine (or Akin, but he was gone all weekend I’m told). There are too many freaking awesome people I wanna hang out with and not enough weekend in which to do it. This makes me sad.

Tomorrow I’m goin’ to see my Dad and his family.

Wednesday me and David are going apartment hunting.

And, I guess that’s it. Gonna go pay some bills before I go to bed now. Later.

    • The Sojourner
    • January 9th, 2007

    yes I am still krazy :-DSo, um, my roomie was on my comp and I didn’t log off aim before hand so **SPLAAT!!!!** back my friend

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