To life, To love.

Evening again folks. Sorry it’s been a whiles. Lemme see if I can recap.

I hope you all manage to hunker down and stay safe and warm in this ice storm that hit Texas this past weekend and today. I couldn’t make it into work today, that’s for sure. News said this morning there were a ton of wrecks and that if we had any choice, not to leave the house, so I called in. Spent the day not doing much, on account of not being able to leave and all.

Speaking of work, here’s some fairly big news. I’m getting transferred to another Bell facility. Basically, purchasing is split into groups based on the type of stuff each group buys. The group I currently work in is for Hardware and Electrical parts, which are either standard across the aerospace industry (all companies know what the part numbers mean) or they’re made by a specific vendor. My uncle Robert works for Machined Parts, which is basically stuff we design and contract out to other factories to machine it up for us. Management has decided to move the entire Machined Parts group from the Hurst plant (where I work now) over to our plant in Grand Prarie (off highway 360 for those familiar with the area). And they aren’t just moving people currently in the group over there, nope. Because this is a union-covered job, they have to go down the seniority list (people who have been in purchasing longer have higher seniority) and ask if they want to volunteer. If not enough people volunteer, then the people on the bottom of the list have to go. Which includes me. So I’m being reassigned to buy a new type of part and at a new facility. Needless to say, I was not happy with this off the bat when I heard about it. Mostly because A) the drive to Hurst isn’t that bad in the morning, and the drive from 20 to 360 is supposed to be a nightmare and B)I like my boss, I consider him to be one of the best there, and that opinion is one shared by many who’ve been at the company a long time. However, I do know a couple of the buyers who’ve volunteered to go over there, the lady I’m supposed to be working for I worked with when she was a buyer and she’s a very nice lady, and the drive might not be as bad a factor (go ahead and laugh monkeywrenchers) by the time the transfer finishes. But more on the reason for that in a minute. All that is to say, I’m trying to be positive about it, moreso than I was when they made me a full buyer in the first place, because I was very apprehensive about that and it turned out all right. So we’ll see how it works out.

So, why would the drive not be as bad, you ask. The answer is this: Sometime by the end of next month I will no longer be living at home with my Mom. I’m moving into an apartment with my best friend, the coolest guy I’ve ever known my whole life, and a major influence on who I am today in Christ. David Butler. We’re looking into some apartments, especially over the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area, because A) That puts us very close to the middle of the Metroplex so it will make it easy for me to get to work and will for him wherever he ends up working, and B) it’s a very nice neighborhood with very well priced apartments. It won’t be for very long, but it’ll be a blast anyway. I’m lookin’ forward to this a whole lot.

Speaking of something I’m looking forward to a whole lot, tonight at midnight is the release of the muchly-anticipated expansion to the most popular MMORPG on the market right now, World of Warcraft. The Burning Crusade, as the expansion is known, goes on sale tomorrow, and a lot of retailers are starting to sell preorders of it at Midnight tonight. Now, I ain’t gonna wait for this thing at midnight tonight, trust me. My Dad very thankfully got me the expansion for Christmas, so tomorrow after work I’m going over there to get my copy. Should be absolutely fun.

Speaking of David, I know he’s a big fan of Little Ceaser’s Hot and Ready pizzas, and given that he’s going to be my roommate soon, I decided to finally partake of one tonight. It was actually pretty good. I know it’s hard to believe I never have eaten one before, but there you are. I’m not really sure why, I guess I always was afraid they’d be all old and lukewarm, but if they were it probably wouldn’t have lasted this long.

Aight, closing this entry out for now. See ya tomorrow, probably with screenshots from the Outland!

And in the spirit of the cold, I felt this kitty pic to be appropriate!

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