1 year. Yay.

Forgot to commemorate this a couple days ago, but on Jan. 23rd, I made 1 year working at Bell Helicopter. Just thought I’d share. Still bein’ transferred to another buying group, and another facility in Grand Prairie. No idea when it’s gonna happen. I just hope they don’t tell me as I’m leaving tomorrow “Hey, Monday morning report to your new plant!!” We’ll see then, I suppose. If they do, it’s gonna make me, and everyone else bein’ forced to go, very mad.

Burning Crusade, your favorite Troll mage and mine, is level 65 now. Halfway to go, and the rest is lookin’ like more fun every second. Won’t bother ya with new screenshots just yet, I’d like to go for some more radical changes in gear and in style, and I think 66 might just be when that happens.

Speaking of radical changes, this weekend looks like the Bmatt in combination with the greatest man to ever be called the Human Stick, are gonna do our darndest to find ourselves someplace to live. And whether we call it “The Armory Version 2” or “Odyssey Comics Headquarters” or “The Lair of Team Undying” you can bet your last two dollars that our place will be the bomb-est of the diggity.

And that’s the bottom line, cause the Bmatt said so…no wait no no no….that’s Austin’s line. Let’s try that again.

If ya smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellll…..what the Bmatt is cookin!!…no no wait, hold up, can’t do that either, that’s the Rock’s phrase. Hang on I’ll get this one.

WHATCHA GONNA DO, when Bmattamania runs WILD ON YOU!….AAAAH NO NO NO! What is wrong with me, now I’m ripping off Hulk Hogan!!


And if you’re not down with that, the Bmatt’s got TWO WORDS FOR YA……CRAP, now I’m stealing Degeneration X materiel!

All right, here it is. The jokes are over, the fun has been had, the Bmatt is gonna send this one home, to the pages of history, the will end the way it should, as only the Bmatt can bring it…Here it is…

    • Josh
    • January 27th, 2007

    Umm…I have no idea what you’re talking about. In any event, are you coming to World Mandate next weekend? Talk to you later!

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