Next on Extreme Makeover: Dahkar edition

Remember this guy? Back when he was level 61??

Well, here he is now, 5 levels later, at level 66.

I actually just gained level 67, and got a very AWESOME looking new staff thanks to Akin, Jeff, and a couple of guys from our guild. Akin and Jeff are already 70. Darn college kids. Quest wasn’t hard, just annoying, but thankfully they were patient and stuck with the 2 of us who needed to do it.

Anyway, to break up the monotony of all Dahkar, all the time, here’s a pic of my new low level Blood Elf warlock. His name is Nihilus, and the blue blob next to him is his voidwalker minion. Click to see full size. It’s too big to fit in here.

Anyway, be in prayer for my man and future roommate David that God would lead him to the absolute perfect job, and lead us to the absolute perfect apartment. I am so freaking excited about that I cannot describe it.

Aight, since you got so many pictures, you have to wait for a new kitty pic! HAH!

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