More ELR madness

Heya folks, welcome back to another edition of…um…well…Conflagration I suppose, unless you’re just reading this from my xanga, which is really Conflagration but without all the cool links on the side, my cool little “About the author” page which I put together myself, a nifty pic of Yoda looking cool, and a random music lyric on the title page in lieu of the word “Conflagration”.

That was probably needlessly over-explanatory, but I’M usually needlessly over-explanatory, so it works!

I’m supposed to move to my new facility and begin my new responsibilities next week. I’m not really excited about it, given that it’s a smaller environment and a lot of the friends I’ve made here (if only workplace ones) won’t be there as well. I doubt the job will be any more or less difficult, but we’ll see for sure once I get down there.

Oh, and I want to mention that I was a thrice-call-in to the latest episode of the ExtraLife Radio podcast again this week. For the show’s introduction, they played a little promo for the show I did in my “Old Man Franks” voice where I repeatedly got the name of the show wrong (on purpose). During the middle of the show, they played a call of mine where I asked an ethics question in relation to the weather. And lastly, the end of the show is usually a compilation of calls that were somewhat amusing, but didn’t fit in the show anywhere. A THIRD call of mine was played then as well. So go listen to the show. If you have iTunes, search for ExtraLife Radio in the podcast section and get the latest show, episode 124. It’s completely free, and tremendously funny. If you DON’T have iTunes, go to and check out the blog, the latest episode is available from there for download as well.

Jeff Deonarine is a cool cool guy. He knows why. If he reads this, that is. Heh.

I was gonna do a rant about stupid men who do stupid things in the bathroom, but it’s probably not something to be discussed in polite conversation, or a public blog. So I’ll just call this one good and go back to listening to music and playin’ WoW. Night gang.

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