Well, what can I say other than…

Dang, that girl was cute.

I was at Barnes and Noble tonight. I just wanted to go read stuff. I was actually very interested in re-reading the whole “Spider-Man: The Other” trade paperback, not to mention the prelude to Civil War, which is wear Spidey gets his new hightech costume, but I ended up walking out of there with the new Star Wars book (the 4th in the Legacy of the Force Series, Exile), and the autobiography of Ric Flair, titled “To Be the Man”. Ric Flair, for those who don’t know, is a longtime professional wrestler, who, at age fifty four today, still performs in the ring. He’s pretty much one of the biggest legends in the whole business, and so I thought his whole story would be a great read.

Anyway, so I walk up to the register. The lady behind the counter is sitting on a stool, not really moving much. I can see why, she puts a crutch down as I approach and grimaces in pain, favoring her left leg slightly. Poor girl’s in pain. I ask her how she’s doing, she tells me she’s been better, and she’s in quite a lot of pain. I look down to catch her name, Chelsi (God, I hope she doesn’t think I snuck a glance at her boobs). I hand her my books and she sees the Flair book and asks if I’ve been keeping up with wrestling lately. Now, seriously, this girl is darn cute. My first instinct? “Don’t look like a nerd, don’t look like a nerd!” So I say “Sort of off and on, really” She then asks if I’ve heard about the whole Donald Trump being involved at Wrestlemania and we just chat about that while she rings up my books. Now, really, what I said to her isn’t strictly true, I have been watching Smackdown occasionally on Friday nights, so I knew full well about the whole Trump thing. So as I’m walking out, I’m wondering why I instinctively had that thought. I mean, dammit, I AM a nerd, and proud of it. Ah well, it’s done.

Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to tell her the truth later. One things for sure, I clearly need to go in that store more often. Heh.

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