Seriously I dunno what I’m thinking with this one….

You know, think whatever you want about professional wrestling, but you gotta admit, those guys know how to make an entrance. Some awesome music starts playing, a video package of the guy with it, some pyrotechnics, and then thousands of fans cheering as some dude or lady with an awesome voice announces your name. Good times. Life in general would be more interesting if we all could get that.

Seriously, think about it. You’re sitting in church, the worship music has just ended, and there’s an air of anticipation. Everyone know’s who’s coming next…suddently something like “My Obsession” by Skillet starts playing and the place erupts in cheers. A couple of pyros go off and suddenly its….YOUR PASTOR! WOOOO!!

Oooh, or how about a wedding…oh that’s the perfect spot for this. Brides can have their bridal march…I want the lights to cut out and have something like “Head Down” by the Showdown play as I come down the aisle, playin’ to the crowd all the way. That would be face-meltingly awesome!

I am going to get so much hatemail from all the girls for that one. I think there’s like 3 of you that read this, but you’re all small and scary when you get mad.

Anyway, enough about that. I must cover this. For the unthinkable has happened. The thing that no one ever thought would occur, has occured. It still boggles my mind and the world will never ever be the same.

David and Holland are engaged.

Okay, so it’s not all that unthinkable at all. I just like building up to it. Plus if you knew David back in his high school days, then you’d get it. Anyways, much congratulations to both of you, I’d wish you the happiest of times, but I don’t have to wish that, cause I’m sure it’ll happen!

This is crazy, my three best friends in the whole world are now engaged (the other 2 being Josh and Chris if you’re wondering), and all three of their weddings happen next fall. What? No I’m not experiencing feelings of envy and jealousy! What are you talking about! Okay maybe a little bit. It’ll pass, trust me.

I’m on Skype now if any of you are inclined to add me to your contacts. Search for my name or my username of Bmatt7883 (ooooh original!). Right now my list consists of…Akin. If you’re not sure what Skype is, go over to and learn!

Spider Man: The Other – Evolve or Die is probably one of the best comic trade paperbacks I’ve read, ever. Lots of good action, cute scenes between Spidey and Mary Jane, and a very compelling story involving the new Avengers. Go take a look at your local bookstore, I highly recommend it.

This weekend I’ll be down in Waco, so look around for me if you’re there. Rumors speak of someone special (other than me) making a road trip up in the same weekend. WHO KNOWS! MWAHAHAHAHA!


    • godzwarrior
    • March 23rd, 2007

    You know, my initial reaction to having a pastor enter to wrestling style fanfare was “ wow, that WOULD be exceedingly cool. However, the rational side of me quickly took over (as it always does) and reminded me that any worthwhile pastor will tell you that it not about him. It’s about God.Weddings however are a totally different story. Those days are all about the couple. And if a guy has a fiancée who is willing to incorporate pyrotechnics and heavy metal into the ceremony, he should consider himself extraordinarily lucky and take advantage of that opportunity.Was cool talking to u on skype earlier tonight. Maybe ill be able to hang with you and whoever before I go to work on Saturday.

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