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Before we get rolling here, I want to make note of some changes I’ve done around the place. I’ve changed around the links section, added some, deleted some others. Check them out. As you can see, the little Murloc baby I adopted now resides here. Go point your mouse pointer at him, he’ll do a trick. You’ve probably noticed my little “Twitter” board. Be sure you click on that one too. Finally, the “About the Author” page has been revamped. Click it and check it out. Okay moving on…

Hey gang. I’ve tried to steer away from politics lately in this blog, mostly because frankly the whole subject does little but get me pissed off, but I want to inform you about a dark horse candidate for the 2008 presidential election, and the one I have chosen to support.

The main problem with politics in this country is the simple fact that our representatives don’t care about the real problems we face in this country any longer, they’re more focused on empty gestures and maneuvering to keep themselves and their party in power. Meanwhile the public’s frustration and anger at this has manifested as everything from lunatic raving to simply giving up on anything ever changing. This has got to stop.

We need a true leader with the moral strength to stand up and fight for that which really matters, and my chosen candidate has that in abundance. He’s a decorated war hero who served as the leader of a special forces group to combat some of the deadliest enemies humanity ever faced, and did so with distinction, putting a stop to more threats to our freedom and security than we will probably ever know. The warriors who served under him do so without question, not simply because of his rank, but because they always know that he will do what is right and he will not flinch or waver from it.

It is this kind of strength our government needs if our country is to survive. We need a candidate with no allegiance to any political group, who does not shift loyalties at the drop of the hat if it serves their interests, but holds truth, justice, and right above all else. So I hope you will join me in lending him your support.

Vote Optimus Prime. “Freedom is the Right of All Sentient Beings”

Transform and Roll Out in 2008.

Heh, I bet I had some of you going there

Not much to report, had a blast this past weekend in Waco, have some pictures of Smith out-wrestling Josh. I’ll post em later though. I have another nifty pic of Dahkar. One of the professions you can learn in the game is the Tailoring profession, which allows you to make cloth armor, and at very high levels, some awesome stuff. However you can also make some cool “flavor items” like shirts, dresses, a wedding dress, and a full tuxedo set. And thus, I give you…


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