Happy Day of the Resurrection, gang.

Or as it’s more commonly known, Easter. But what, if anything, in this blog is common amiright?

This is also my 100th post here at Conflagration. I’d like to thank you all for reading it.

I’m sure you’ve all taken a moment (or will) today to thank Jesus Christ, God walking among us, for defeating death and Hell once and for all time. If you haven’t (or aren’t), I really encourage you to do so. But I’m no preacher, I’ll leave that to the men God’s raised up to be that. All I can be is thankful and reflective, and I hope that’s enough.

So here’s to one more year closer to the return. And as many posts here at Conflagration as I can fit in here until then.

Now quit reading and go hunt eggs!!

But be careful, and watch out for this….

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