Does anything NOT crazy ever happen in Waco?

Welcome back to the show everyone.

Well, actually, it’s not really a show so much as it is a blog entry. But darnit I’ll call it a show if I want to!

Maybe it will be a show later on, who knows! I might or might not have some plans in that area that you don’t know about that I’m not secretly telling you about! What?

Anyway, as most of you who read this probably figured out, I was in Waco this weekend, after a series of flip-flops on whether or not I would go, I ended up being able to go after all.


There was much pizza and Dr. Pepper. And some Wii Sports. And quite a bit of Dance Dance Revolution, with a dash of me getting my face melted in Super Smash Bros Melee, by, well, EVERYONE. Gah, I’m so out of practice on that game. Akin, Jeff, and J-Dugg would be ashamed of me, and rightfully so. I’m SORRY CAPTAIN FALCON!! PLEASE DON’T HATE ME! I did come in second (or was it third?) on the Wii Sports Bowling game we played, and I didn’t do half bad in DDR either (it’s a rhythm game after all), so perhaps I somewhat redeemed myself. Either way it was a lot of fun. And at some point a giant storm blew through, but it was gone in a few minutes. Giant storms aren’t fun if they don’t linger. Anyway, see some of the pics below, and they’ll be up on Facebook too.

Saturday was freaking COLD! I helped Josh out with an ATS garage sale on Saturday morning, and by helped, I mean I went through all the stuff and looked for something I might want to buy. Of course I actually couldn’t buy anything because all I had one me was my debit card, so I had to let that webcam and the Veggietales DVD go by the wayside to some other person. Crappit. Anyway after that we made our usual trip to Bankston’s to grab the new Star Wars comics (two new issues of Legacy and a new issue of KOTOR, both of which were very good).

While I was there I came across a stack of the stater kits for the World of Warcraft collectible card game. Now, under normal circumstances I would have zero interest in this thing, I’m not much of a trading card game fan, but the concept of “loot cards”, or cards with a code on them that let you get little extras in the game (like a ogre suit or a riding turle), was somewhat intriguing. Plus I’ve read that many people have gotten at least one loot card in the starter decks they’ve bought, so I took my chances and grabbed one. It was cheap anyway. Well, didn’t get one of them, but I do have to admit the artwork on these things is pretty nifty. I doubt I’ll take the time to learn to play it, though. Not sure what I’ll end up doing with it. Perhaps I could donate it to the Instance podcast. Not really interested in learning to play it though, the game itself is enough WoW for me.

At any rate after that we went and hung out with Kyle. Kyle had just gotten ahold of Super Paper Mario for the Wii, and man, that game is FUN. I love it when a franchise has that perfect balance of the classic feel that you know and enjoy but with enough new points that compliment the existing items very well. The Metroid Prime series is a great example, and Super Paper Mario does it great.

I think I’ve more or less decided that as soon as I can find one, I’m going to get a Wii, and grab Super Paper Mario, WiiPlay, and WiiSports to start off with. I swore I’d wait until I got the Star Wars game where the WiiMote would be a lightsaber came out, but my inner geek which longed to be an early adopter has won out over my skeptical side. I’m still considering a 360, but more or less my PC has become my hardcore gaming machine what with World of Warcraft and soon Command and Conquer 3. The only “must-play” game on the 360 that I want is the upcoming Halo 3, and I think I’ll just have to content myself with waiting for the PC version. PS3…not touching that. No way. Way too many bad decisions went into that console and it’s floundering because of it.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Kyle is an awesome guy, and that’s all I need to say. So after Angie got off work we met her back at the Dhouse and decided, hey, let’s watch the Incredibles. Because Disney + superheroes = goodness. During the movie we keep hearing this weird beeping sound that we can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Finally Sean Corley (he and Cheryl were there too) goes outside and then runs back in and tells us the house next door is on fire! We all run out while he goes looking for a fire extinguisher. We can see the smoke pouring out from this house’s side door, but no flame. It looks pretty obvious to be an electrical fire, going on inside the walls. A few minutes later, the fire department shows up. Not just one truck, no, not even 2. No less than five firetrucks, an ambulance, a police car, and the fire chief’s SUV show up. Now granted, yes, fires are serious business, but…I dunno…maybe that’s a little overkill? Tiffany Bonow came by, I think she might have been worried that the D-house was goin’ up. Anyway, it all ended well, and we headed back in to finish the movie. I of course grabbed some pics with my camera, which you can see below (and on facebook)

Sunday was the usual of church (sermon on the power and desire of God to heal), meeting some people for lunch at Subway, and then I helped Josh move Angie into her new place, then I went home. Was a fun weekend, all in all.

Next weekend is Richard’s wedding, and afterwards Josh will be staying over at my place. I think I’m gonna get him to try and do an entry here just for the fun of it, heh heh. At any rate, you all behave and I’ll see ya next time. I feel like killin’ some Combine and Headcrab zombies. W00t.

    • Anonymous
    • March 5th, 2009

    Hey there Brandon…..just found your blog while on google looking for waco fire pics. I see that you might have had a little fire next door….well, thats why I’m leaving a comment. The reason departments send five or so fir trucks is due to staffing. You see, in Waco FD there are only three fireman on a truck. That gives you a Captain or Lt. and one firefighter while the third being the driver. And if you have ever had to work as a firefighter…you would love all the help you can get in a pitch black, hot, smokey enviroment. But mostly the reason why so many trucks show up to a fire is because of staffing. Here in San Antonio fire….we send four engines and one ladder truck, and one chief vehicle to a residental fire. And for a commercial fire it gets an even bigger response. So, a little insight on the reason why it’s not overkill to send five fire trucks to one house fire. Have a great day.

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