More updating!

Well, hello there my crazy readership (which numbers, like, 6 people at the most, but I love you anyway even if you won’t leave me comments)

I hope you enjoyed Bmatt TV: Episode 1. You can expect more as I come up with more fun things to do with it.

I also want to issue a quick correction. I mentioned not having any “Photo Editing software”, but I meant to say Video editing software. Hopefully you figured that out given the context and just laughed at my foible.

So this past weekend, Richard Walter became a married man. The wedding was very beautiful, though I was amused by the fact that the ushers were in sandals and the wedding party itself was in fact barefoot.

What I am NOT AMUSED BY was the fact that I showed up in shorts and a hawaiian shirt on the recommendation of one Josh Henry. I was HORRIBLY underdressed compared to everyone else and felt like an idiot. So take this to heart people, when I ask you for advice on a matter like this, I may be dense enough to think you’re actually serious and not just messing with me.

At any rate I beat Josh up for it after he came to crash at my house when the reception was over, so it’s all good. I’m just never taking fashion/clothing advice from him again.

Justin Permenter and Andy Nance were in attendance as ushers for the festivities, as was Merriman. It was like a big KSG reunion. Oh right, I should probably explain that one. KSG = Knights of St. Grenado, which was a Halo 2 clan composed of myself, Richard, the aformentioned 3 guys, and a few others who would get together about once a week and just play a series of Halo 2 matches for the fun of it back in college. We kinda stopped doing it for a lot of reasons, but it was good times back in the day. I hadn’t seen any of these guys in a long time, I was a bit suprised to find Justin now numbers himself amongst the engaged as well, with the knot being tied in a mere couple of months. Congrats dude. Anyway, enough talk, more crappy cell phone camera photos!! And yes, as usual, these will be on Facebook.

If anyone’s interested, tonight my favorite podcast, Extralife Radio, will be recording a new episode (#134) live, via Stickam (the same service I host Bmatt TV on). If you would like to join the Chatroom, head to and search for user Extralife. The live feed, when it does go live about 9:00pm central, is on the right. I’ll be in there as “Old Man Franks”, the name of the character voice I use to do amusing segments for the show. And I still encourage you to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes (it’s completely free) or go to and download the show when it’s published tomorrow. It’s very funny, I think you’ll like it.

And I haven’t done this in a while….kitty attack!!

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